A 2015 graduate from the Montpellier BS Master Grande Ecole Programme, Samuel Goupil is reinventing customised art with "Artwork in promess", the 1st customised artistic creation service for businesses and individuals.

Along with his partner Adeline Cubères, Samuel Goupil, who recently received a Master’s with a specialisation in digital marketing from Montpellier Business School, has launched a service dedicated to the creation of bespoke works of art, which is called "Artwork in Promess". A creative start-up launching the 1st service for the creation of bespoke contemporary art!

"We strongly believe in artistic passion and creation. Contemporary art is today in private homes, in businesses, for professionals... What is missing is these personal works of art for oneself, a creation that resembles its owner. We wanted to personalise their universe in collaboration with them, to reflect their own identity. By individualising artistic intention, we are also helping to support young contemporary creation in all its forms (painting, sculpture, photography...)", the duo explains to us.

"We work as much for B to B as for B to C clients, the important thing is to be clearly invested and in accordance with the wishes of those placing orders. Using a brief, as for any creation, the process can start, and may take a few weeks to several months", Samuel clarifies.

"Artwork in Promess" is an advisory intermediary that supports customers throughout the work's development process. From the definition of the need and the budget (no work can be produced for less than €1000), the team searches for and selects the artist who can best meet the demand. Then, with the visual elements selected, it communicates the name of the artist and their proposal to the client. If accepted, a first meeting brings together the artist, the customer and the team to launch the project. "Each client, whether an individual or a company, initially interacts only with the team from Artwork in Promess. The client therefore has to be willing to let the artist speak, as if his role is to provide inspiration, he cannot direct creation", adds Adeline.

After several artistic collaboration meetings and monitoring from the duo, the work is finally delivered, unique and made for the place that receives it. And that is what provides the added value of the service. Samuel and Adeline are among the first to position themselves on this original bespoke art market. Aimed primarily at Parisian and urban targets, they hope to reach individuals, businesses and professionals throughout France through their website and their overall promotion. They hope to be able to develop rapidly through partnerships with interior designers and decorators.

If Adeline has evolved in the arts for a few years, working in an art gallery and a communications agency for artists, Samuel has always had an affinity with the digital sector. He developed the "Artwork in promess" start-up in parallel to his marketing and communication manager position at Apps2com, a digital service provider. "Montpellier Business School has given me knowledge in all areas related to business, so I was well prepared for marketing manager tasks. And it is through the Digital Marketing specialisation that I acquired the skills necessary to launch the "Artwork in promess" website! Today, I still benefit from the help of the school because we are supported by the Entrepreneur J programme, coached by the co-founder of the company Soledge, Maryam Bini, who teaches us much."

To discover Samuel and Adeline’s young company, "Artwork in promess", visit the website and follow its news on Instagram and Facebook.