Recruitment of new international researcher-lecturers, welcome to Dr. Petros Sekeris, research-lecturer at Montpellier Business School


Dr. Petros Sekeris defines himself as a Greco-Belgian teacher. Initially the holder of a Master in economics from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), he began his PhD in economics in Belgium, at the University of Namur in 2009, where he worked on a subject dealing with power relations associated with intellectual ownership. Speaking 4 languages, Dr. Sekeris will now be providing courses in macroeconomics to 1st year Master’s students, and international economics tutoring for final-year Bachelor’s students as part of the double degree with La Trobe University.

On reading his research articles, one would think that Dr. Sekeris is a geopolitician captivated by the global relationship of forces. In the end, this is somewhat true. A specialist in development economics, and institutions governing our societies, he has a deep understanding of the institutional contexts in some countries, the right conditions for investing in them or not in terms of development, political system, and the associated risks. Moreover, his research interests include industrial economics, which analyses the strategic relationship between companies.
Yet, he began a doctorate in economics somewhat by chance. If he has become a fervent enthusiast for it, he doesn’t forget that when he was young, he wanted to work in communication and public relations.

Dr. Petros Sekeris is also a specialist in game theory, whose foundations were made famous by the winner of a Nobel Prize in Economics, John Nash, who himself worked for the RAND Corporation, a think-tank advising the US government on defence and security. But what is game theory? It lets you analyse or even predict, but especially model many social and economic relations in order to understand the situations observed on a strategic thinking background. This theory is often used in economics but also in management, political science, and biology.

"I joined Montpellier Business School in mid-September after being Associate Professor at the University of Portsmouth (UK). It has changed my life! Here, I'll bring together my passion for my profession as a research-lecturer combining knowledge transmission and production in relation to other French and international researchers. This is a very rich incredible freedom. I am now very keen to start my course... under the sun ... on October 13"

Returning to game theory, Dr. Sekeris has also just been published in the "New Scientist" journal (over 4 million readers per week) on the ideal timing of Britain’s exit from Europe following the latest announcement of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Montpellier Business School welcomes its new lecturer. No doubt that he will underpin the game theory in his lectures. L3 Master’s and Bachelor’s students, you have been warned...

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