Gaspard Bonnefoy, who graduated in 2015, is supported by BOSE France, la Poste and the WEO is embarking on a world tour for his musical project, "Loop the world"


A traveller at heart, Gaspard, aged 25, graduated from Montpellier Business School’s Master Grande Ecole programme, specialising in International Business Model Developer, with the desire to see even more of the world. Before beginning his career, he decided to undertake a musical world tour starting on November 15 2016. Seven months to record musicians from different cultures with a specific instrument, a "looper".

"I love the world, I love meeting people and I love music. This project brings all this together!" Gaspard tells us. "After my thesis on the topic of music in business, I wanted to study the effect of culture on musical creativity more deeply. The idea actually matured during my first year’s internship in London, during which I had to create teasers and thus learned the basics of video editing as well as handling a camera. With "Loop the world", I just wanted to recreate this step but by creating a unique and innovative project".

Gaspard therefore decided to travel the continents, and with the help of a specialist in musicology, analyse musicians worldwide . "I am leaving with my backpack, my looper, my microphone and my camera. From Asia to South Africa, via South America, I will go to meet artists who have a talent, a difference that will be transcribed in their use of the instrument. It's just exciting. Each recording will be authentic and unique", he tells us with glee. "These values of openness and diversity advocated by the school, this is exactly what I am seeking to highlight with Loop the world".

Two months before the start, he admits that enthusiasm has taken over from anxiety. "If I don’t do it now, I may never do it. Before I decided, I talked about it to Mr. François Caussignac, who was involved during my specialisation course, to get his opinion about this project. Straight away, he made me feel supported and encouraged, which meant a lot to me. His support reassured and motivated me. Montpellier Business School has also been there for me during my search for sponsors. I allowed myself to contact BOSE France for very good equipment. I also won support from La Poste and the Organisation de la Musique en Entreprise [Organisation for Music in Business] - to finance part of my trip. What might have convinced them was, perhaps, my way of presenting the project and also the dedicated website. All this, it’s especially my training at Montpellier BS which taught me it. Of course, those who are interested can follow me throughout my journey on social networks, where I'll post pictures and videos daily. Then, when I return from my adventure at the end of May, the objective will be to make a documentary about this experience".

Montpellier Business School thanks Gaspard for demonstrating that the creativity of its students is as wide as a musical reach.

You can learn more about the project on Gaspard’s "Loop the World" site and follow his journey on his Facebook page or on Instagram.