When our future graduates look back on their experience... that of Maïlys in field marketing at Oracle France, a Montpellier BS partner


Don’t even wonder, Maïlys Donnarumma, aged 24, has nothing to do with the famous Italian goalkeeper of the same name, first because she comes from the Ardèche but especially because she is a future graduate of Montpellier BS, specialising in digital marketing, currently working in field marketing at Oracle, working on combined operational and events marketing for development of sales of this giant IT service company.

Having come from preparatory classes at Camille Vernet High School in Valence, Maïlys, like many students currently, looks back over her 4 years. Two years of preparatory classes that gave her methodological qualities and great capacity for work, a stressful competitive entrance examination but a first choice: Montpellier BS in 2012 for the academic year abroad in particular. Her professional project at the time? Organising events for a festival... Involved with the Larsen association, a music association, she chose a culture shock and went to Kunming in China for her academic year abroad. "At the time, although I still did not know in which group I wanted to satisfy my creativity, I did not look for a particular company but I targeted assignments. I did my year in business as an e-commerce and web assistant at Botanic and I liked it a lot", she adds. "Maybe that’s where I caught the "Digital" virus, not only reserved for technicians".

Like more than 80% of her class, Maïlys opted for apprenticeship in the last year and was interested in the major partners of Montpellier BS. She discovered Oracle, which was recruiting and notably for a digital marketing assignment. "I really looked for that which allowed me to develop the most. And without necessarily knowing the B to B sector, the detail of the assignment met my criteria. I met Oracle and I was recruited. They are used to apprenticeship students and are very appreciative of MBS. We are very well received, supervised and trained. Our initiatives and our work are appreciated! My manager, the marketing director for the hardware part, Mrs. Sandrine Leduc, has been wonderful to me and frankly yes... I'm having a great time. I have participated in all types of web campaign, events and internal communication in the digital transformation process underway in the majority of large groups. I have developed training in social networks for the sales staff. Oracle is a lot of teamwork, transversal projects, it reacts quickly!"

Yet, for her final thesis, Maïlys has chosen to work on an HR subject dealing with meditation as a way to manage stress for managers. "The subject has always attracted me... my many exploratory courses and it's not as if we hadn’t been beguiled by CSR throughout our time at MBS!!". And now? "I am waiting for the graduation ceremony... the last word, the rest is in progress... With 4 years of hindsight, I find that I have grown a lot, enriched by all these experiences. I thank all those who trusted me, in business, abroad, my teachers and especially Dr. Benjamin Boeuf who is extraordinary and Mrs. Caroline Elbaz, Oracle’s HR Director".

A few months away from the applications for the preparatory class competitive examinations, Maïlys cannot resist her own small piece of advice to students "Seek the paths where there is the greatest possible number of long experiences... to know what you really want, you must combine your experiences!"

Thank you Maïlys and we hope to see you on December 3 on the stage of the Montpellier Zenith.