When psychology and play bring the portrait of Dr Jinia MUKERJEE NATH, a new research lecturer at Montpellier BS, to research in management sciences!


Before becoming a research-lecturer, Dr. Jinia MUKERJEE NATH's was first a clinical psychologist. After opening his private practice on the French Riviera in 2009, it was in 2010 that she decided to deepen the subject that her patients talked about the most during their sessions: Work. She then began to develop a course on wellbeing at work, which she taught for 4 years. With a PhD in management science since 2016, her research focuses on the benefits of play at work.

For Dr. Jinia MUKERJEE NATH, research in management sciences is about innovation. "I designed my course on wellbeing at work in 2010. At the time, managers were not sufficiently aware of this very real problem! Today, it is a real issue for organisations. The research helped me develop this subject in a very scientific way. I am very proud that the management schools are using it in their courses or conferences, like Montpellier Business School, for example, in its values or with the wellbeing week, and we must continue in this direction" , she explains to us. "My current research focuses on play as a tool for creativity and sharing at work. Beyond dedicated playrooms implemented by some companies, my hypothesis goes further: Why not directly incorporate play during work? Under certain circumstances, my research results have shown that play could be a performance engine and a creativity trigger, thus particularly interesting for perpetual innovation".

Along with her role as a research-lecturer, Dr. Jinia MUKERJEE NATH is also a writer and published a collection of short stories on the theme of expatriation in 2015. "I have many passions. In my book, I drew inspiration from my experience as an expatriate to tell stories that deal with adaptation and change of environment, or how to live in a country that is not ours, whether it’s a voluntary decision or not. I think many Montpellier Business School’s international students have already experienced this and it is also a link I have found with them, as with my colleagues from different parts of the planet. Diversity is certainly present in Montpellier Business School, and it is a strong value therefore shared by the students with their teachers".

This semester, Dr. Jinia MUKERJEE NATH will be teaching modules on "Organisational behaviour and international HRM" and "International human nature management" to final-year Bachelor’s students from La Trobe University in Australia, a country she knows well, since she did some of her studies there! Montpellier Business School hope that its new teacher settles in well. Welcome!

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