35th Major Partner, Newrest France met Montpellier BS students to discuss the theme of humanism and performance


On October 11, the whole Montpellier Business School team, its students and its teachers welcomed Messrs Olivier Mauricette, a Newrest VP, and Guillaume Jarlan, group HR Director, for the signature of a new major partnership associated with a plenary conference on "Human values in performance, myth or reality? ". The unique opportunity to learn about the history of this group, created from scratch in 1996 by Mr. Olivier Sadran, now present in 50 countries worldwide with nearly 30,000 employees and a turnover of over 1.2 billion euros.

In front of a very international student audience for which the conference was translated simultaneously into English, Guillaume Jarlan, started his speech by recalling the history and key figures of this great entrepreneurial adventure. An international company with a strong DNA, and 90% of its shares owned by its executives. "We have a strategic policy of executive equity participation, but only managers who adhere to the DNA and the spirit of the company can take part", said Olivier Mauricette," for us, intelligence is universal! We recruit all over the world and have considerable needs in Africa but also in Latin America! We believe in performance in diversity. We are looking for entrepreneurial managers who we train in our culture and in the identities of our business lines!"

The conference was interactive, matching the agility of a group in constant mutation, which gives each manager the right, but especially the duty, to excel, but also sometimes to make mistakes with the ability to understand them and to collectively take responsibility for them. "The values are only of interest if they work for the performance of people and organisations. All the technical and technological tools, no matter how sophisticated they are, are only tools. It's your intelligence that must use them, in line with your goals and course of the company's strategy".
Olivier Mauricette mentioned Jack Welch and Pierre Bellon, prominent leaders of the modern world, recalling that the main quality of a company is its speed. Go Quickly to always be in front, but never forgetting to continually improve operations, respect people and their territories, and maintain the Entrepreneurial spirit, especially to shake up models. "I have had the chance to visit many countries, especially in Africa, we have not been able to open all of them to our activities because we lacked men and women of talent. We do not entrust to the keys to the lorry to anyone. Newrest is proud of its identity and the values it represents for our customers and our employees! With us, nobody freelances... Unity and solidarity are part of our spirit and very close to the values of sport also!"

For all practical purposes, Olivier Mauricette reminded the audience of the essential qualities of a manager: Listening, leading their teams, developing their people making decisions. A company, like a top athlete, progresses in stages, by accepting its failures to better grow with humility and self-denial. MBS is very pleased to count this new Major Partner, for whom sharing values is not an empty word, in its advisory board! Notice to students or graduates who want to join this group

Link: www.newrest.eu