The DRSE report has come out! Montpellier BS proves again the societal impact of its political diversity and durability over 10 years


For over 10 years, Montpellier Business School has deployed a cross-diversity policy in its activities in order to maximize the societal impact of its approach. Through numerous initiatives, the objective is to help ensure that all talents, whatever their background, can bring their skills and qualities to the development of our society. These actions are described in a comprehensive annual assessment proving, if need be, the validity of the values and its mission.

"Montpellier Business School has always worked to be able to recruit all kinds of talents among its students", says Caroline Cazi, Director of Human Resources, Diversity and CSR for Montpellier BS. "For this, we have diversified access pathways while focusing the selection process on the personal skills of students. The goal is also to remove the barrier of funding for tuition fees by developing support measures and dual training. Finally, the ultimate goal is to help them acquire professional skills, know-how and social skills while providing the means to manage diversity when they are in their roles. The 2015/2016 report demonstrates that the results are convincing and the actions are numerous, whether for our own students or for high school students, college students from priority areas, people with disabilities, in retraining... But all of this would not have been possible without strengthening the skills of Montpellier BS’ teachers and employees on diversity issues and thus the implementation of a diversity policy in recruitment, training and career development within our workforce."

The Manager of the Social Openness and Student Initiatives Unit created in March, Mr. Benjamin Ferran tells us how this desire is reflected daily in our territory to create this sustainable and real societal impact. "The best examples for me are the Diversity Odyssey (annual educational one-day event on campus) and the Cordées de la Réussite [Success Links] programme (excellence tutoring with a support programme from Year 10 through to the baccalaureat) of actions implemented for young people from priority neighbourhoods. Since 2010, we have encountered nearly 2,000 pupils with these measures. Some pupils remain in regular contact with us and I know many that have joined preparatory classes, university, or even engineering schools and that's just fantastic! They are proud and are grateful to us for having helped them. This is not much in reality as it is them who make most of the journey, but we say to ourselves that we certainly sowed a seed, that of believing that for them too it’s possible..."

The 2015 2016 annual report describes the many actions in favour of the policy conducted by MBS including accompanying the teams from 5 colleges (Las Cazes, Fontcarrade, les Garrigues, les Escholiers de la Mosson and Arthur Rimbaud) and 5 high schools (Jean Monnet, Jules Guesde, Mendès France, Champollion, l’internat d’Excellence). "Beyond writing, we experienced very emotional moments with tours (Paris, skiing, the chateaux of the Loire) organised for a total of around a hundred young people from priority neighbourhoods. There were sometimes moments of anthology!"

A graduate of Montpellier BS, Benjamin Ferran has now been entrusted with the leadership of the social openness and student initiatives unit. Through his commitment, he remains one of the major linchpins of the diversity policy of Montpellier Business School of which you will find the 2015-2016 report below. A big thank you to Benjamin!