The international development strategy of Montpellier BS continues with the opening of a pre-Master of Science class at the Beijing University of Languages and Cultures!


After opening 4 Master of Science programmes (Marketing, Finance, International Business and Global Business) in 2016, in January 2017, Montpellier BS will launch its first pre-Master of Science class in China, within the Beijing University of Languages and Cultures (BLCU). Signed by Mr. Didier Jourdan, Dean of Montpellier BS, and Professor Cui Xi Liang, President of BLCU, this agreement is part of a commitment to international development and good preparation for Chinese students wishing to continue their studies at Montpellier Business School.

"With the creation of the Master of Science programmes in Montpellier BS, we welcome international students who already have knowledge of management", explains Pascal Krupka, Director of new programme development. "But thanks to this strategy and this pre-Master’s in Beijing, we can expand our recruitment to other sectors which are not necessarily management ones. This is an upgrade process to open the doors of the Montpellier BS MSc to students who already have knowledge of English or French but who come from varied educational backgrounds".

"Beijing University of Languages and Cultures is renowned for its excellent level and its foreign language training and that's why we chose to partner with it", adds Pascal Krupka. "It reports directly to the Ministry of Education, is an official partner of the British Council’s IELTS English test and an exclusive partner of the French Alliance in Beijing. This agreement is also part of the new Franco-Chinese higher education policy that supports excellence cooperation and facilitates the administrative procedures of Chinese students coming to study in France. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr David Qi, a lecturer at BLCU, who coordinates the project from China. We are in contact with him every day and he is one of the pillars of the project".

The first pre-Master of science class will begin its studies in January and the 400 hours of teaching provided in the premises of BLCU will continue until June. The core lessons cover the major corporate skill areas in business and management: Statistics, accounting, economics, finance, business law or even marketing. The university will also offer students a chance to improve their language skills with English and FLE (French as a Foreign Language) classes and help in Chinese to strengthen their academic foundations in business and management. In addition, students will also be able to benefit from many advantages: Lean visa application process and pre-admission to the Montpellier BS MSc programmes. "We already have 70 Chinese students interested but the goal is to select 20 to 25 students for this programme. Pre-selection will be carried out by Montpellier BS according to our criteria. Then, after 6 months of lessons, a selection will also be carried out to see if they are ready to come to Montpellier BS to take the Master of Science", adds Pascal Krupka. "We are very excited to be introducing this pre-Master programme and to be welcoming students from various backgrounds. Each will bring their experience and expertise in other areas than management and we are fond of these experiences at Montpellier BS. Moreover, in the coming years, the implementation of other similar programmes will be considered in other countries whether in Asia or elsewhere in the world". For more information about the programme, visit the link below: