Montpellier BS is recruiting talent worldwide! Spotlight on the promotion of international programmes


Among its international exchange students and its directly recruited students, Montpellier BS counts no less than 57 nationalities in its various programmes in 2016–2017. To meet the global demand for high-quality training and degrees, two years ago Montpellier BS decided to increase its presence at education fairs around the world in collaboration with the agency for promoting French higher education (Campus France). The development teams of all programmes as well as the eight outsourced recruitment centres thus share the entire world between them and also experience this international immersion... but only in the short-term!

At the beginning of this academic year, the Montpellier BS teams were both active on French soil, being present in national education fairs, and abroad, travelling to international education fairs in Taiwan, Lebanon and India. “We work very efficiently with Campus France, which is the agency for promoting French higher education, and is a key body for guiding and supporting international students who are keen to pursue graduate studies in France. Many things are taken care of, but we must nevertheless ensure our presence”, explains Ms Seng Bisiou, in charge of Asia.

“The Montpellier BS brand, given how rich our academic exchanges are, is known all over the world”, adds Mr Pierre-Emile Ramauger, in charge of developing the Master Grande École Programme and who has just returned from Taipei. “Our listing in the prestigious Financial Times ranking with respect to the Master Grande École and our accreditations are our guarantee of an academic quality that is a real benchmark for foreign students in search of degree programmes. Our Master’s programme and our recent MSc programme, which are completely taught in English, have an element of attractiveness that cannot be overlooked. Finally, the quality of life and student environment offered by the city of Montpellier and our region are significant. And because it’s complicated enough to choose a degree programme from far away, it’s essential that we make the journey to meet these students!”

Pierre-Émile Ramauger, in charge of the development of the Master’s programme, recently spent three days at the European Education Fair in Taipei. “This region is characterised by a good academic level and Chinese-English bilingual students. It is a very competitive place, but France is a particularly attractive country for young people who wish to pursue graduate studies in France. France is the No. 1 European destination, before Germany, with 1,200 visa applications annually. I was able to invite one of our first-year Master students, currently doing an academic exchange at the National Taipei University of Business, to join me on the stand to talk about her experience, give her opinion on the teaching, and answer all the audience’s questions, student-to-student. In a few days, she will even make a presentation about Montpellier BS in the French section of the Taipei European School, thanks to the support of Mr Franck Lefevre, vice-principal of the school and in charge of student orientation. Our students are our best ambassadors!” says Pierre-Emile.

After going to Korea, Italy and Sri Lanka, the developers of Montpellier BS will continue their world tour of education fairs in Algeria, Colombia, India, Lebanon, Turkey and even Morocco, whilst also ensuring the promotion of French education on the various French markets. Good luck to them!