“Learn how to code and decode the business!” Montpellier BS hosts digital school Up To, created by Face Hérault and DELL France


This year, Montpellier BS is glad to receive on its campus the second promotion from Up To, the digital school created jointly by Face Hérault and our major partner Dell. This unique and innovative training -which is in its 2nd promotion- is for people who are distant from employment market.

Present to welcome and talk with the 21 students of this 2nd Up To promotion, Mrs Caroline Cazi, Human resources, diversity and CSR Director at Montpellier BS, returns to the origin of this strong collaboration in the sharing of common values. “Since the start of the school year 2015, Dell and FACE Hérault, 2 partners of Montpellier BS, based on the Simplon method, have associated each other to create a digital school to offer trainings without tuitions fees for people who want to reconvert or get back to a job. We are pleased that we can associate each other to this meaningful and rich of values and performance initiative by receiving the 2nd promotion inside our campus 3 weeks a month.

Of course, the next step of the relationship between Montpellier BS and Up To is on everyone’s lips. “According to the Simplon method, we will put a connection from Up To developers and our students who would like learn to code or just simply read more about web development languages…” Caroline Cazi said.

Co-coordinator from Up To for Face Hérault, Mrs Elisabeth Greppo continues: “The aim is to learn coding to decode business world! There is on our territory a paradox, indeed there is a high unemployment rate whereas we have a very active French Tech and job offers who are still unoccupied. Equal opportunity is the main common concern for Face Hérault and Dell, so it’s consistent for Montpellier BS to join us today in this project”.

“In 2015, we led a survey to know what are the skills requested by recruiters” continues Elisabeth Greppo. “It appears they’re looking for digital professions and particularly the web developer one. It is a substantial job source so we organized a steering committee with local economic actors to bring the best response. Finally, we start-up Up To, a multi partnership project for the creation of an intensive developer web training without tuition fees and accessible for everyone. Whatever age or graduation level of applicants. It’s digital for all ! In parallel, French government started the Grande Ecole du Numérique label to foster the creation of this kind of training. We get this label and it has accelerated the process. So, thanks to that in December 2015 the first promotion was born. Then we associated with Simplon.co for their technical traning skills.”

“Montpellier BS intervenes this year by receiving the 2nd promotion. It’s an exchange of good practices and skills between MBS’s students and our participants. We want to create bonds and exchange between everyone’s world. 19 participants were part of the first promotion and aged from 21 to 55 years. Since the end of August, we reference already 6 persons employed by permanent contract, 2 by fixed-term contract of more than 6 months, 2 by professional contract and 2 are creating their own business. Therefore, results are very positive. For this 2nd promotion we count 21 learners selected on the base of 200 applications” concluded the Up To co-coordinator.

Montpellier BS is glad to welcome and wish a good training to these future brave web developers with a bright future!