International students choosing to pursue a double degree at Montpellier BS maximise their employability. The example of Przemysław, a student from the University of Kraków (Poland)


Montpellier BS offers its national and international students various ways of obtaining an international double degree at either Bachelor’s or Master’s level, thanks to its cooperative agreements with partner universities both in Montpellier and abroad. This is the path that Przemysław chose after completing the first year of his Master’s in international business at the University of Economics in Kraków, Poland, a Montpellier BS partner!

This is not Przemysław’s first experience in France. Since his high school years, he has been visiting the Franche-Comté region as part of an exchange programme with a French high school student. In the last year of his Bachelor’s, he spent an Erasmus semester in France and completed a placement in the office of the Polish members of the European Parliament, an experience that made him want to come back and pursue studies in the field of international negotiations, an ideal vocation for someone who speaks four languages.

With his successful academic background including several placements related to France at Heineken and the luxury hotel La Fontaine in Kraków, in December 2015, Przemysław applied at his University to complete the second year of his Master’s in English at Montpellier Business School. “I love diversity, whether in the cultures that I come across or in my professional experiences. I have always looked for challenge and discovery. To come to France for an exchange that contributes to a qualification is another challenge that I am jumping into. The difficulties and the amount of work don’t scare me!” he told us. “I realise that today there are many candidates for the same position and you need to maximise your chances of being selected.” With a double degree, I hope to differentiate myself, to stand out in the job market… I think that the ‘talent to be different’ is something you have to produce.”

Having just started his experience at Montpellier BS, Przemysław told us his impressions: “At the moment, I am delighted with the quality of teaching at the school. The subjects discussed are varied and cover the entire spectrum of business management. The teachers and lecturers are very professional and I find the course in global marketing management from Dr Paul Chiambaretto particularly exciting.”

Next February, Przemysław will complete a six-month placement, for which he has begun searching in Poland and in France. “My dream would be to do this placement at the French Embassy in Poland, but it is very hard to get accepted. My second choice would be to work in a hotel and participate in their international development missions. But I am open to other possibilities in the field of tourism, because I’m thinking of defining my professional plan this year according to the opportunities offered to me.”

Montpellier BS is happy to welcome Przemysław for the second year of his Master’s and we wish all students who have come for an exchange contributing to their degrees a great year with us!