A diplomatic mission from the Dominican Republic hosted at Montpellier Business School!


On 27 October, the Montpellier Business School hosted a diplomatic mission from the Dominican Republic, composed of Mr José Manuel Colón Soler, Consul General, and Mr Ramon Roberto Ramos Peralta, Vice-Consul of the Dominican Republic in France, based in Marseille. Through this visit, the Dominican diplomatic authorities came to formally acknowledge the presence of the 57 students from their country on the Montpellier campus, which has the highest concentration of Dominican students of any educational institution in France. Among these 57 students, three are doing an exchange in the Bachelor’s programme under a partnership agreement with two universities, namely the Pontifical PUCCM and the UNIBE, two are on a Master of Science programme, and 52 are regular students of the Master Grande École programme.

“We are very pleased with this partnership”, said Dr Yvon Deportes, MBS Director of International Relations. “The total number of Dominican students has been growing since 2011 when we signed the first framework agreement for collaboration between the MESCYT (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic), the CCDF (French-Dominican Chamber of Commerce) and the MBS, which was signed by the minister, Dr Ligia Amada Melo de Cardona, who was succeeded by Dr Alejandrina Germán after the presidential elections of 15 May 2016. Through the agreements signed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology in Saint-Domingue with our institution, the Dominican Republic has made Montpellier BS its top French partner regarding its policy for developing training in high-level management. We must also add that these agreements naturally provide the implementation for Montpellier Business School of its equal opportunities policy for the benefit of the MESCYT scholarship students. “Above all, these combined policies have enabled, through an international entrance exam, the admission to the MBS of a number of students that has gone from 1 in 2006 to the current level of 22 students (including 15 young women) enrolled in the MSc and on the Master Grande École programme.

The French-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the main centers for recruiting international students. It promotes the programmes of Montpellier BS to institutions in the country, and is now investing in the indispensable creation of powerful links between Montpellier Business School and Dominican businesses. During this visit, all the representatives of the Dominican Republic and Montpellier BS expressed their intention to support the work underway and to contribute to its sustainable development by all means available to them, framing the cooperation between their countries in training their students in management as one of the actions that merited the greatest support. The recent membership of the Banco Popular of the Dominican Republic in the Advisory Board is a good indication of the path that must be followed.