After Newrest, VINCI Energies France has become the 36th major partner of Montpellier Business School!


On 20 October, Mr Christophe Catoir, President of Adecco France and of Montpellier Business School Advisory Board, Mr Jean Christophe Arguillère, President of Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Association, and Mr Didier Jourdan, Dean of Montpellier Business School, together with the school’s teachers and staff, hosted the entire team of VINCI Energies France South-East-Central Facilities, represented by Mrs Stéphanie Gaymay-Palcynski, Human Resources Director, Mr Pascal Legout, Regional Director for Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, Mr Patrick Chappuy, Head of VINCI Facilities at Languedoc Roussillon, and Mr Nicolas Veyrier, Regional Director who initiated this partnership.

“The signing of a new partnership is a great moment for all our stakeholders. It is all the more important when it covers the area of facility management, a field that our students are not very familiar with in regard to career prospects. Our major partners and governance members come from very different sectors! But they all have one thing in common: our values!”

Beyond the development of the employer brand, this signing was also the occasion to present the VINCI Energies France South-East-Central Facilities hub, which comprises 19 companies and 1,400 employees/contractors, all committed to the values of solidarity, trust, autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurship of the VINCI Group and to develop immediate prospects regarding this new collaboration starting straight away under the auspices of managerial innovation, a subject of choice for both entities.

“Since 2010, and in front of issues of a world in permanent transformation, VINCI Energies has challenge itself to accelerate the deployment of new technologies to bring about two major changes: digital transformation and energy transition. Rooted throughout the country and organised under an agile model, VINCI Energies companies aim to make the energy, transport and communication infrastructures, as well as its factories and buildings, more reliable, more secure and more efficient every day, in order to continue to ensure customer satisfaction whilst respecting its social and environmental commitments. Managerial innovation is therefore one of the subjects that is crucial to realising this transformation successfully, and Montpellier BS will help us in this area!” explained Pascal Legout, Regional Director for Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées.

Montpellier BS would like to thank all its major partners that support its actions promoting equal opportunity and diversity, and recruit many Montpellier BS students and graduates. On this subject, VINCI Facilities in Montpellier is currently looking for an apprentice to work for two years in purchasing. A tip for all students who are still searching…