The Montpellier BS student associations are now under the responsibility of the Social Openness and Student Initiatives Unit led by Benjamin Ferran


Montpellier Business School is offering an active community lifestyle to students of all programmes. The School has 13 student associations – some of them business incubators – under the responsibility of Murielle Lasch, co-ordinated by the Office for Student Affairs and the Social Openness and Student Initiatives Unit attached to the HR /DRSE Management, led by Benjamin Ferran. A new organisation that must allow both the professionalisation of the schemes through MBS values and innovative and entrepreneurial strategies.

“This decision was made in order to reinforce the various projects of the associations and give them new scope and influence. We have realised that certain associations have confined themselves to only carrying out their activities on-campus; we would, however, like them to do more outside the School in order to have a bigger impact on people”, Benjamin Ferran and Murielle Lasch explain. “Ultimately, what we aim to do is to improve the student experience, and the student associations certainly form a part of that.”

The associations are the first testing labs for the project of setting up and managing what is basically a VSE. They are open to anyone who has the motivation and the will. “Forming part of an association first of all develops a strong entrepreneurial spirit in students, by teaching them how to set up real projects or manage a small team. It also prepares students for the difficulties they are likely to come across in their professional lives: all completed projects are a reward, and any attempts that do not come to fruition (for various reasons) are still a learning curve and not a failure”, explains Pierre-Alain Rogel, head of the Montpellier Business School Start-Up Centre, which is part of the scheme. “It is also an opportunity to open up to others, to learn about yourself and others, through engaging with the same passion and values.”

On a short period (one to two years), before the academic year abroad or year of professional work experience, students have the potential to invest  themselves, to achieve both personally and professionally and apply these lessons as part of the positioning and values of their school. The Communication Department is also taking part in the scheme to teach the basics of creativity and viral communication.

Being a member of an association’s board or an active member means engaging in collective responsibility, carrying out effective projects and adding a valuable human experience to your CV. Each year, more than a hundred projects are launched by the associations and there is something for everyone. Montpellier BS would like to thank all students who enthusiastically take part in these associations every year!

* The main associations: Bureau des Elèves, Bureau des Sports, Adrénaline, Bureau des Arts, Sup d’Eole, Larsen, Iris Live, Oenophorie, Sup de Cœur, Gaïa, World Connexion, Job’Serv, CAC 34