Montpellier BS reaches the 1,000th apprentice student milestone! Thanks to Volkswagen Group France for having recruited Koffi Jean de Dieu!


Koffi Jean de Dieu, an Ivorian student from international entrance admission, had already attracted the attention of the Communication Department upon his arrival by demonstrating his track record. The 1,000th Montpellier Business School student signed his apprenticeship contract some days ago and will embark on a new professional experience in a management controller position next week with our major partner Volkswagen Group France.

“I started to look for a contract in April and I must have sent more than 200 applications”, Koffi Jean de Dieu recalls. “I took part in training workshops, methodology courses, practice interviews, etc. Sonia Bressey and Karine Marcadet, the two cooperative education advisors who accompanied me in this process, helped and supported me a lot. Like my classmates, I searched all over France. I went through several interviews but, according to the recruiters’ feedback, I had difficulty elaborating on my experience orally. They really liked my profile and adaptability but, in short, I didn’t manage to sell myself. So I needed to develop this skill but, you know, this isn’t really in my nature!”

Thanks to the practice interviews with the apprenticeship advisors from Montpellier BS in particular, Koffi slowly improved in this tricky task. His efforts paid off as it ended in him landing an interview at the end of October with Volkswagen Group France. “There was a need in the controlling department but nothing was really sure; my CV was sourced and put forward. After an initial interview over Skype, I went to the Roissy head office for an interview with Mr Olivier Serre, Controlling General Manager of Volkswagen France. And thankfully that time I managed to sell myself well! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Karine Marcadet as we did one last practice interview by telephone just before I took the bus to Roissy.”

Koffi will always remember the day when he was called with the confirmation. “I didn’t believe it at first. This apprenticeship placement at Volkswagen is a new challenge for me to face. It perfectly matches my professional career plan, which is to gain all of the financial management skills in order to develop them in Africa once I graduate, in my own business or in a growing sector. I am very proud of my progress but I would also like to thank my advisors for their support and encouragement! They didn’t forget anything!” adds Koffi.

Director of Human Resources and Training at our major partner Volkswagen Group France, Mr Benoît Sys often emphasises the importance the group places on the values of equal opportunity and diversity. “Volkswagen Group France is a socially responsible business. Our partnership with Montpellier BS is based on strong shared values. For this reason, we always aim to integrate and provide opportunities to people who have not always had the opportunity to follow the royal road or who have not had the connections to help get their foot in the door. To perform as well as possible, we also need employees who enthusiastically give us their best. I do not doubt that Koffi corresponds perfectly to these expectations and those of his manager.”

Knowing what drive and spirit Koffi has, we do not doubt it either! Montpellier BS would like to thank all of its partners and particularly Volkswagen Group France for this 1,000th placement and their enduring kindness for helping to achieve our students’ dreams!

To recruit one of our apprentice students who are still searching: contact Laurence Flinois This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it