Another step towards the accessibility for Montpellier BS, with the installation of a hearing support system for the hearing-impaired people


The development of equal opportunities is one of the main priorities of the Montpellier Business School's social policy. With this in mind, the school has installed the company ESII imagine's TWAVOX system in order to help students with a hearing impairment to benefit from optimal hearing comfort.

"To date, the TWAVOX system has been installed at some universities, including Montpellier, but we are the first business school to offer it to our students! We chose this system for its simplicity. Its operation requires no special equipment or settings. The only conditions are that the professor uses a microphone and that the students have a smartphone and headphones so that they can download and launch the application that enhances the sound. The students then put their phone on 'airplane' mode and connect to the TWAVOX Wi-Fi network. That's it!" Explains Mrs Sophie Gosselin, head of the Health, Handicap and Sustainable Development project at Montpellier BS.

"Currently, the system is permanently installed in four rooms, including our large lecture theatre. The aim is to facilitate access to our lectures, as well as our conferences, both for students and outside visitors who come to our premises and who have hearing problems. We have also chosen to equip the room dedicated to PHARES tutoring sessions - a programme designed to promote access to further education for young people with disabilities in the 3rd to final year of school. We are now better equipped to welcome young people with hearing impairments".

In addition to the four permanent systems, the school also owns two mobile systems, located on the main campus and the Fouquet building, where the Executive MBA and continued education courses are held. Today, the system is already in use and is appreciated by various students. All students who need to use the system are also invited to make themselves known to our disability advisers.

Implementation of this innovative system is in line with various concrete actions carried out by Montpellier BS in favour of access to further studies for young people with disabilities. Prior to entry into further education comes the support that has been put in place by the school through the PHARES programme, which was established in 2012 in partnership with the FEDEEH (Fédération Étudiante pour une Dynamique Études et Emploi avec un Handicap [Student Federation for Dynamic Studies and Employment with a Disability]), followed by access to the Passerelle Handicap competitive examination, which potential students can enter in their final school year. During their studies at Montpellier BS, our students can also make contact with nine advisers, who can address their needs and tailor their courses. In order to facilitate the search for an internship, cooperative education contract or primary employment, events such as our disability meetings are organised to put our students in contact with large companies, since workers with disabilities must represent at least 6% of their workforce (Article L.5212-1 to 5 of the French Labour Code).