The new Director of the Montpellier BS Bachelor programme, Mrs Beverly Leligois, offers her first impressions of this increasingly international programme


Her new position at the head of the programme has stirred enthusiasm among students! New Director of the Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA), Mrs Beverly Leligois gives us an overview of her first academic year and gives us, with several weeks of perspective, her own definition and analysis of Montpellier BS's post-baccalaureate programme.

Between 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, the number of students in the Bachelor programme has markedly increased. For example, there are 197 students in the first year, compared to 173 the year before. In terms of work-study students in their last year, the figures have jumped from 57 to 116 (70 of which have already signed contracts)! "It is truly a dynamic programme on all levels", says Beverly Leligois. "We benefit from the infrastructures that Montpellier Business School already has in place as a school that has existed for more than a century. It is an advantage that enables us to offer students a personalised reception. We are truly able to accompany each student and carry out continuous follow-up, which enables us to achieve a 96.5% success rate for the BIBA degree. In addition, we meet the AACSB accreditation standards. Only 5% of management schools worldwide have achieved this accreditation, including 22 in France. This proves the academic quality, international standing and worldwide recognition from the corporate world of our BIBA programme.

"One of our main assets is the internationalism of our professors; about half of our teachers are foreign citizens. This is somewhat remarkable; we boast 23 different nationalities", continues our BIBA programme director, who herself is American. "Every professor brings with them their own experience, knowledge and culture. Finally, I would also like to add that 70% of our students are employed before even graduating, with an average gross salary of €31,800, excluding bonuses, for those who stay in France, and of €40,000 for those who go on to work abroad. They represent 40% of our graduates! In addition, 7% of our graduates found their own business or start-up immediately after graduating."

While new to the position of programme director, Beverly Leligois still teaches in the Sustainable Development Management, Economy, Human Resources and Diversity department. She gives us her opinion: "It was a surprise promotion for me and for everyone in the programme. As a teacher, I have always been very attached to the students, especially to the foreign students, as I was in their position more than thirty years ago [she laughs]! Now that I am head of the programme, I can make the changes that I deem necessary to facilitate their integration, but also to encourage the residents to be even more open towards international students. With the possibility of increased cultural diversity, my long-term goal is to promote more integration across all the courses from L1 to L3. Currently in BL3, we have even more international students than home students: 119 versus 109. All of the courses are held in English, which works very well."

To finish off, Mrs Beverly Leligois says a few words about her new team and the students that surround her. "They have welcomed me with open arms, I couldn't have dreamt of anything better. They have ideas and everybody is really motived to continue improving the programme. I feel a lot of enthusiasm from the students, especially the apprentice students. I can see their motivation! Now, I fully realise that my job is to know everything at all times. I see that coordination work is essential and I feel even more appreciation for the school than when I arrived in 2011 as a teacher."

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