For the 2nd consecutive year, Montpellier BS took part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week holding 9 events on its campus


From the 14th to 18th November, Montpellier Business School, through its Centre Montpellier BS Entreprendre (CMBSE), participated in the “Global Entrepreneurship Week”, an international event promoting entrepreneurship. For the occasion, 9 speakers -professors, creators, experts- spoke front of our students to share their experiences about actual themes with them.

“Within a week, throughout France et 160 other countries in the world, the point was to celebrate entrepreneur : hundreds events shown diversity of talents and initiatives of entrepreneurs, as much in traditional fields as innovating, social economy, environmental protection, and territories revitalization”, Pierre-Alain Rogel Director of the CMBSE says. “Entrepreneurs and SME are the core of economy, a wonderful provider and social bond with a nature of proximity and passion”.

“At Montpellier BS, it was the 2nd time that we associate alongside this international event to organize this week dedicated to entrepreneurship. The aim is to bring together entrepreneurs and students about themes covering almost all the entrepreneurship field -key steps, conciliate study and business creation, undertake abroad…-. There was a logic common thread with at the beginning of the week, interventions of two professors-researchers, then concrete illustrations with entrepreneurs. The second aim was also to rise a cohesion between students interested with entrepreneurship” Pierre-Alain Rogel says.

“I would like to thank Maryam Bini, Grégory Cladera, Idriss Reggad, Anthony Michaud, Laurent Perez Dubois, Sarah Estève and Zachary Stokes for their speech. They told they were pleasantly surprised by the quality exchanges with students and students told me they were pleased to see speakers so available. Thank also to the professors-researchers Carlos Sanchez and Marie Breysse who spent their valuable time to come and talk with our students. Thank also to the students who participated because they show there is a real entrepreneurial dynamism in the school.”

Along with this “Global Entrepreneurship Week”, the CMBSE started the annual launch of its Entrepreneur J incubator. “Several of our speakers are coaches in the incubator” Pierre-Alain Rogel adds. “It was the opportunity to introduce them to our public. There is already a very good dynamic with fifty project leaders declared among our students within only a week. For us, it will be a year of growth after 2 years of incubator strengthening. The past year, more than 130 projects have been coached, so this is a big machine to manage. But the dynamic is launched and we will over class without any doubt this figure this year. Moreover, we will have new actions in addition to workshops, with a business incubator to finance start-ups and surely the opening of a co-working space.”

Without forgetting the Start Up Week which will take place during the 2nd semester!

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