“Oracle is an extremely good asset to show on a resume!” 2001 Bachelor Graduate, Frédéric Sanz reveals us what is behind the scenes of the Account Manager profession at Oracle, a major partner of Montpellier BS


At 40, Frédéric Sanz is a post-graduate from the first Bachelor programme promotion of Montpellier BS, in 2001. After twelve years of professional experience at Dell, he joined in 2014 another major partner of MBS, accepting a position of Account Manager at Oracle in Malaga (Spain). This is an opportunity for Frédéric to attest about this Spanish life with professional development and self-fulfillment.

“I did my end-of-study internship at Dell in Montpellier” remembers Frédéric Sanz 16 years after graduating at Montpellier BS. “After 2 fixed-term contracts, I have been hired with permanent contract as a sales representative for the sale to individuals before the sale to companies. It went very well for me but in 2014, I decided to live something else by joining Oracle at their head office of Western Europe located in Malaga, in Spain. I have been recruited as Account Manager for French market.”

“Oracle is a company extremely formative” Frédéric says. “In my position, we manage 4 to 5 cases a month because quality dominates quantity. The company has a strong consideration for its customers, and tries as much as possible to understand the challenges and constraints of everybody to better focus on their expectations. So, we are more project managers than sales representatives. At Oracle, there is no distinction of small or big. Consideration we give to customers is the same for a €50 000  or €300 000 one”

“But the company has also a great consideration for its collaborators” Frédéric continues. “Leaders and managers trust others and we are all autonomous. It trusts also in so far as all means are used to make everyone’s work easier. I can tell you that Oracle is very valuable on a resume. At the end of trial period, you are approached by other companies because Oracle is synonym of excellence. So, it is a real opportunity for every employee.”

While this 2 last years, Frédéric was largely in charge of digital transformation of French public companies (general councils, municipalities, universities, hospitals…) being half time at headquarters and part time on business trips. “For us and our customers, it concerns especially electronic document management, digitalization of bills, purchase orders or even pay slips. I loved this experience but unfortunately, I had to leave Malaga and therefore Oracle few weeks ago, for personal reasons. I left with many regrets because I was learning things everyday! “

“So, I would like to thank my 2 directors, Pierre-Alain Baetz and Jean-Noël Vilain. Thank for their trust because this is what define them and the company to trust and develop people. This is in Oracle’s DNA and out there, everybody will tell you that this is the company’s trademark” Frédéric Sanz ends.