"When you're young, you should be given the time you need to build yourself step by step. Thanks to Montpellier BS, I was able to discover what I really wanted!" Testimonial from Anna, a 2016 Master's program graduate, currently working at EDF EN Services in HR


Anna spent six years at the Montpellier BS - four years in the Bachelor's program studying full time and two years in the Grande Ecole Master's program that she entered via the international entrance exam in order to choose the apprenticeship path. After getting her Bachelor's degree last year, followed by a double degree from La Trobe University, she'll once again celebrate with her family her Grande Ecole Master's degree. Anna may feel a slight twinge of sorrow, but this ceremony will mark the beginning of a new adventure because she was recruited for a permanent Human Resources position at EDF EN Services, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles and a major player in the operation and maintenance of wind and photovoltaic power plants in France and Europe.

"This is a great page that I'm turning and I certainly don't regret it! Montpellier BS represents the path to my adult life! I've made some loyal friends, I've had some unforgettable moments... This is a school that I love so much for what it has enabled me to do. I did my two courses in two different ways and I would have a hard time recommending one over the other. I liked the full-time study programme that enabled me to be involved in the life of the school and its associations, but I liked my apprentice programme just as much thanks to the professional experience that I acquired through these two work-study years and the opportunities they provided me with!"

Anna identified an interest in Human Resources relatively late after several experiences in the areas of management, marketing and development. Two years ago, she joined EDF EN Services as a Training Assistant, where she discovered the operational activity that provided her the technical and essential foundations to this position. As a result of her apprentice programme, she signed her first permanent job contract in the role of HR Project Manager for Europe.

"EDF EN Services is a company that I selected, both for its values and its commitment to serve the environment as for its training and support. Moreover, I would like to thank the management of EDF EN Services and all of the teams with whom I learned so much and with whom I continue to learn. I am really lucky".

Anna would like to reassure all students entering the Grande Ecole Master's programs and more specifically, high school graduates! "I want to tell them that they have the right to be wrong! Your goal is not to finish your studies at the lowest age, but to discover things! Right after I had my A Levels, I got into Law but I did not like it. I joined the Bachelor's programme in the first year, with a delay of one year. This allowed me to review my projects and to feel my way forward to gradually discover what I really loved and what I really wanted to do. Montpellier BS gave me the time to make mistakes and we should be able to do this before anything else!"

Montpellier BS would like to congratulate Anna on her career, her success and to thank her for her attachment to the school for which she will remain an eternal Ambassador.