Montpellier Business School and its 37 Major Partners support the social ladder! Report on the 11th scholarship and financial aid ceremony


On 23 November, Montpellier Business School's 11th scholarship and financial aid ceremony took place. The event was a moving formalisation of the Montpellier Grande Ecole of Management's commitment to a policy of diversity and equal opportunities, which already sees tangible results. Confirmed by all the school's major partners present at this event, this policy now enables nearly 37% of students to receive financial assistance. It also means that 26.5% of Montpellier BS's students come from the most disadvantaged socio-economic class.

For the second consecutive year, Mrs Caroline Cazi, Director of HR, CSR and Diversity, and Mr Benjamin Ferran, Head of the Social Openness and Student Initiatives Unit, were masters of ceremony in front of an audience of major partners, laureates, their families and classmates. "This ceremony was an opportunity to remind everyone of the various mechanisms implemented before and during our students' courses, as well as a chance to thank our major partners, who support our policy through cooperative education, and the staff, who facilitate the reception and monitoring of these students," explains Benjamin.

The overview is brief but surprising: tutoring programs, PHARE partnership, the involvement of FACE Hérault and Passeport Avenir, international cooperative education opportunities, everything is implemented transparently in order to enhance accessibility to higher education for young people who, despite their talent, are unable to finance their studies. The mechanisms are numerous and include excellence scholarships, merit scholarships, international scholarships, Montpellier Rotary Club scholarships, honorary loans, etc. Cooperative education, the primary lever of this equal opportunities policy, is also highlighted through its impact on the students' social origins. With more than 1,000 students in cooperative education, Caroline Cazi emphasises that the percentage of students whose parents fall into a modest socio-economic category is 26.5%, while the average for sales and management schools across France is 12.1%. "Management schools can facilitate social mobility when, at the forefront of their commitments, they engage innovative policy and ambition."

The laureates of each of the schemes followed one another on stage with the major partner sponsorship companies, who expressed their pride and commitment. Solemn pledges complemented the moving testimonies in a caring atmosphere of solidarity. In total, 37% of Montpellier Business School students receive partial or total financial support for their educational and living expenses. The speech given by Pyone, second-time winner of an international excellence scholarship, caught the entire audience's attention in particular:"Having the chance to join a graduate business school is an opportunity that I had always dreamed of, an incredible experience that has made me grow… Today, I see myself differently, I have developed both academically and personally. I would like to thank the Montpellier Business School foundation and its partners for everything that this scholarship has brought me and continues to bring."

Montpellier Business School dedicates €1,700,000 to its equal opportunities policy, as well as a special “Pierre Farouz” scholarship, in honour of the EMEA HRD of Oracle. This major partner to MBS and President of the Social Council for the last 3 years is a real flag bearer for the commitment of MBS' 37 major partners!