"I came for Montpellier Business School's double degree!" Nicolas, a student of Ku Leuven university in Brussels, explains his choice


At the age of 22, Nicolas decided to leave Belgium and join Montpellier Business School for the last year of his Master's programme. After completing four years of higher education (Bac +4), which would have allowed him to enter employment directly, he decided to extend his course, becoming one of the first students at his university to take advantage of the new Master's degree exchange partnership with Ku Leuven Campus Brussels.

"In Belgium, studying is very theoretical, there is no practical element to it. This can become problematic when entering the professional market, as you inevitably find yourself up against candidates who have often amassed this type of experience." Nicolas explains. "I absolutely wanted to join Montpellier Business School because, in addition to all the group projects that require solid reflection on real companies, the school also offers a 6-month internship at the end of your studies, which I think will be of great help in my professional integration."

So, Nicolas applied to be one of the six students from his university to be admitted to Montpellier BS's double degree course. "There was certainly a selection, but having the chance to obtain two Master's-level degrees in one is an opportunity that you have to take advantage of! At Montpellier I think that you also have this opportunity as part of the International Business course!"

Among his fellow students, Nicolas was the only one to choose finance as his major. "Because I had already studied three years of international relations at Bachelor's level and one year of international business at Master's level, I wanted to expand my knowledge as much as possible and take advantage of the chance to improve in an area that I was least familiar with. It's a real challenge!"

In this way, he will discover a new teaching method. "At Montpellier, the teachers are caring and the courses are always interesting. We sometimes work on an eLearning platform, which is completely novel for me. I find using it really practical! I also appreciate that our grades are taken from between our continuous work, homework and exams, which adds value to our everyday efforts and decreases the pressure when it comes to the subject's final exam."

This year, Nicolas will carry out his first corporate internship. Despite having a CV with little professional experience, it is certainly not lacking in assets that are sure to convince recruiters! "I have a good level of education, I feel enthusiastic about learning and forming part of a multicultural team. I speak three languages perfectly and so I hope that my profile will correspond to the needs of an international company. My aim is to form part of the purchasing department of a large company, ideally in the construction or pharmaceutical chemistry sector, but I am not closed off to other possibilities. I have already started researching and I am more motivated than ever to gain the professional experience that will mark the start of my career!"

Montpellier BS wishes to welcome Nicolas and has no doubt that he will put his skills forward to convince a recruiter in the field he is interested in!