In three years, Montpellier Business School Dakar has trained more than 2,000 executives in Africa!


Montpellier Business School Dakar is a subsidiary of Montpellier BS, an institution that develops and recruits talent in Africa by deploying professional training modules at large African companies. Because the equal opportunities policy is the same everywhere in the world, 10% of the turnover generated by these programmes is allocated to funding our Montpellier BS Dakar scholarships. At the time of this evaluation, over the course of three years, more than 2,000 executives were trained in major African groups whose leaders support MBS' diversity policy!

Advisor to Montpellier BS' Dean and Development Manager for Africa as well as Associate Professor specialising in Marketing, Franck Dompietrini gave us his assessment of this deployment strategy for Montpellier BS' vocational training across the Mediterranean.

"At the end of 2016, we have now finished more than 200 days of training in 3 years! This involves more than 2,000 executives in large companies such as Allianz Africa, AXA Senegal, BICICI (Ivorian subsidiary of BNP), BISIS (Senegalese subsidiary of BNP), the Bolloré Group, DP World (now a Montpellier BS Major Partner), the major national newspapers Le Soleil in Senegal and Fraternité Matin in Côte d'Ivoire, the National Institute of Directors of Côte d'Ivoire, or yet KPMG. For 2017, we are in advanced discussions with several major groups and we have already won contracts with Nestlé West Africa and UPS".

For Montpellier BS Dakar, the foremost objective of this training is to get even more companies in this region of intense development to participate in the training of deserving African students. "We get the leaders of these companies to participate in the competition and social panels where they collegially decide on the allocation of scholarships", adds Franck Dompietrini. "This way, during the oral exam and the interviews, they can see first-hand the level and fabulous motivation of these students who for the majority of them could not even apply for graduate studies in France! It has an incredible impact! "

Montpellier BS Dakar has developed with notably BICICI and BISIS the "Ambassador" training programmes which amount to focusing on the impact of the management of communications and sales on overall performance through operational excellence in particular. "The challenge then for these companies has been to create groups of employees with high potential that we support through specific modules to build up their skills in terms of management and leadership development", explained Franck Dompietrini. "I don't need to remind anyone of Africa's development challenges over the next 20 years. Their needs are numerous and specific. After these three years of experience, Montpellier BS Dakar is certainly able to meet the expectations of businesses to offer themes adapted to their needs using a tailor-made approach"

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