A promising start to the academic year for the Executive MBA students of Montpellier Business School: 6 nationalities, 20% international, 76% scientists and engineers and 24% from sales!


In mid-October, the 26 participants of our new class started their Montpellier Business School Executive MBA programme. Directed by Mrs Catherine Marlier, this programme has integrated new approaches to better meet the expectations of its participants, in line with national (RNCP) and international (AACSB and AMBA accreditations) certification requirements.

"We decided to present the programme differently by significantly highlighting the professional imperatives of entrepreneurs and senior managers regarding three major axes: Leading, Undertaking and Transforming and four specific certificates focused on Innovation, CSR and Diversity, International Operations, and Digitalization that meet the major challenges that organizations face today."

Participants started their programme in a highly dynamic and collaborative atmosphere, after a full day of integration focused on the theme of diversity, defined as the search for cohesion and for collective performance, for finding richness in diversity and for collective innovation. Next came the first modules on the foundations and new approaches, such as design thinking, providing everyone with an opportunity for reviewing, deepening and learning to put into perspective the teachings with their activities. These participants will meet regularly at the rate of one week every three to six weeks depending on the course.

"Group dynamics is essential in all our programmes and particularly in this one. Beyond the knowledge presented, all the richness will come from the diversity of exchanges with the different teachers and participants, experiences, training activities, nationalities, business sectors and company sizes. Each person will be able, through case studies, to share their vision through their own activity. This is how we promote innovative management, the central focus of this programme".

This Executive MBA's class comprises 6 nationalities, with 20% of international participants and almost all of them working internationally. "This promises to be rich in exchanges of opinions and best practices! 64% of them are from the Occitanie region, 36% from other regions and countries, 68% from the industry sector, with the four company sizes represented, 80% are senior managers and directors, with 16 years of experience on average, and 56% having carried out business unit creation, recovery and development projects. The assignments evaluated in the programme are mainly carried out in groups and in connection with their professional activities. The goal is for participants to appropriate the concepts to transpose them more efficiently in their own companies and projects"

Another significant contribution of our programmes is our professional networks. Among them is our alumni network which new participants will be able to meet on 27 January during the MBA ceremony for classes 2015 and 2016. The date has therefore been set!