Montpellier Business School Obtains the Grand Prize 2016 of the 11th Diversity Awards for its global diversity policy


For 11 years, the HR consulting firm Diversity Council has been organising the "Diversity Awards" which reward companies putting diversity at the heart of their growth, their HR issues and their managerial mode. Based on the criteria related to the innovative nature of its approach, its reconciliation with its company strategy, the sustainability of the actions implemented and the ability of its approach to be reproduced or exported to other regions, the prestigious 2016 jury composed of Anne Saüt, Executive Director of Diversity Council, Sylvie Savignac, Secretary General of the Diversity Charter, Frédérique Poggi, General Delegate of Les entreprises pour la cité [companies for the city], Marie-Christine Cabillaud-Wolf, General Delegate of the AFMD [French Association of Diversity Managers], and Catherine Tripon, Director of diversity-professional equality F/H-CSR and fight against discrimination at FACE [Foundation Fighting Against Exclusion] and Mr Junko Tagagi, Manager of the Diversity and Leadership Chair at ESSEC, awarded the Grand Prize 2016 to Montpellier BS for its global policy.

360° diversity has become Montpellier BS' raison d’être on the grounds that talent is everywhere and that diversity is a prerequisite for innovation. Underlying its approach is its will to deploy equal opportunity measures to open the doors of the Grande École to all, regardless of their origin. To do this, a battle was fought against self-censorship, and then measures were implemented to combat the two main barriers: the entrance examination and tuition fees.

"Today, we have 40% of our students who pay no tuition fees each year and nine different pathways to access the Grande École Master's degree programme. This has been made possible by the creation and deployment of tools adapted to almost all the individual situations of our students. The key is talent and motivation at the start, and our added value is to bring all these talented individuals to the same academic degree level and the same employability level when they finish the programme", explained Ms Caroline Cazi HRD - CSED Montpellier BS.

"Because we believe that the diversity of the talent that we put on the labour market is a guarantee of innovation and performance for businesses, we have also implemented a more global diversity policy at the level of our HR operations, followed by purchasing and with our relations with stakeholders to disseminate our practices and the resulting supporting figures".

Today, the Montpellier BS approach is at 360° with the teachings and knowledge production which focus on issues of diversity, inclusion and social performance in order to make students be the responsible managers of tomorrow and to contribute to the growth of businesses. Montpellier BS also contributes in developing the local associative and economic fabric by providing student projects where solidarity or responsible actions can be carried out in the region.

The implementation of this diversity policy is firstly self-financed by Montpellier BS' development, and then with apprenticeships via the support of the Occitania region. Today, there are more than 15 jobs dedicated to our apprentice programmes and 12 on HR management, Diversity and CSR, and a total amount of financial and social aid to our students of 1,700,000 euros not including the personnel costs involved in this equal opportunities policy.