What did they become? Hubert Martin, Bachelor 2011 graduate, knows success thanks to his accessories brand, Vertical!


We met him a year ago, and Hubert shown us Vertical, his fresh new accessories brand which had only straps. Nowadays, straps are no longer alone and the brand sells also belts, gloves and even laces. Not only a product development, Vertical is now distributed in 55 outlets in addition to its e-shop. This Bachelor programme graduate of Montpellier Business School, outlined his strategy.

Young entrepreneur, Hubert Martin took course in Bachelor Programme of Montpellier BS for its international dimension. A dimension that the 2011 graduate keeps holding more than ever since he thinks about a commercial development of its brand abroad. “Today, I can already count 55 points of sale. They are 80% in France whereas other are in Spain, Portugal, Finland, Morocco and Belgium. In January, I plan to hire a commercial who will take care of placement network in France whereas I will leave Paris to develop the network in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. At the beginning, I was not completely convinced but indeed, online sale and the concrete one complete each other and it is very important to increase the notoriety of a brand.

But before January, there is Christmas and Hubert shows up very satisfied about the success of its products. “I had more orders than what I hoped as much as online than our sellers. It is a high point of the year and the best-seller remains “Les Parisiennes” straps but our new products find their customers as well”.

Precisely, these new products, what are they? “You must remind that Vertical is a brand of specialized accessories because passing fad is less disadvantageous than ready-made clothes. But of course, we can have innovations! I take for proof my line which received laces in February and gloves and belts in September. At this moment, Vertical counts 9 references of belts, 3 references of gloves, 30 references of laces and 35 references of straps because it’s our flagship product. All the production is made in France and it is very important to notice it. For instance, our gloves are produced exclusively by Fabre the famous firm in Millau. The style of our accessories makes that the brand exists only in “trendy” and avant-garde shops as concept store style. These last months, we even passed at Bon Marché in the framework of Paris thematic.”

To conclude, Hubert figures himself in the future product development. “I wanted to start in e-commerce with compact, light and unbreakable products without size disadvantage and a price around €50. Today, a product needs these features for cybercommerce! So, I can already announce, in 2017 many new products will be offered by Vertical!”

Hubert taking care about confidentiality give us an appointment in few months for some surprises.