The triple agent of Montpellier BS, that’s him! James, 2016 academic encouragement scholarship holder, is also communication manager of the student association Oenophorie, and part-time assistant at the Communication Direction!


After a preparatory classroom ECT at the Jules Lesven high school from Brest, James integrated Montpellier BS  last September. Since the first weeks of the school year, he is not only involved in many student associations and particularly in the association of oenology discovering of Montpellier BS, but he works also as part-time assistant within the Communication and partnerships direction. Last November 23, he was also part of recipients of Montpellier BS’s social policy, through an academic encouragement scholarship and made an address not without some emotion!

Such a profile could certainly not be unnoticed, as much in the promotion than in the school administration teams. Throughout assistantship affectation, by its qualities and motivation, he has been affected by the Student Life Service at the Communication and partnership direction whereas he was gently noticed during the September presentation of the concerned Direction… “When Marie Claude Juanico told me, I was part-time assistant within the Communication direction, I thought they may had forgotten me already… Well, not at all! No, I’m joking, I received a warm welcome!”

Alongside the communication team, James officiates between English translations for the newsletter, Master and Bachelor graduation ceremony, and in January the Executive MBA one. “I lived the Master and Bachelor ceremony as a great experience with a lot of stress! I never worked on an event like that, but I am always looking for new things to learn and go outside my comfort area! I think that we have all appreciate to contribute to this essential moment for graduates, and we hope of course that future part-time assistants will do the same for us!”

But this young man expressed his sensibility during the scholarship and financial contributions ceremony. “I did not want to do a beautiful speech, I just wanted to express in few words my good feel thanks to these contributions… and my pride to be recipient. For me it was like Christmas before time! Do not forget I am Breton… So, I have in my DNA a dose of outspokenness!”

But if James works alongside his studies, he is also involved in the associative life and more precisely in the oenology and gastronomy association of MBS “Oenophorie”. Currently he made the promotion of the Christmas cuvee of MBS : the Chardonnay Rouqet’s, a mellow white wine with a sweet taste, and the Arboussède in biodynamic, a red wine that is low in sulfite, both from the 2015 year and the Domaine Costeplane (region of Languedoc).

In parallel, he is also involved in the fashion pole in the Art Office and in the cohesion pole of the Student Union Office! “You will have understood it, I do not like being inactive (laughs). And I must confess that I did not think that the fashion pole of Art Office was so pleasant… Finally, it is very funny and interesting!  I am a representative of the male kind in this female field, and I like this role…! It is also that openness and diversity! I have a lot of fun in every project where I am involved and I am aware that I do not have the right to fail my studies. My Mother would not forgive me!”

“And if I should give an advice to preparatory school students, I wish to tell them without being exhaustive: Be curious, be interested by the unknown. In other words, develop your general culture, I encourage you also to go out of beaten tracks sometimes. What is out of academic knowledges may be extremely rewarding. And these knowledges will forge your open minded, an essential quality to move with our environment. This quote from André Malraux that I like a lot, is a good illustration : “Culture is not inherited, it conquers” ?

Thank you James !