"These days, a CV and a letter of intent are no longer enough to select the correct profile." Julien Marque, Master 2014 graduate launches Liha, the web application which intends to revolutionise recruitment


This strategic analyst apprentice at HP did not originally have any particular affinity with the human resources sector, and yet...During his last year in the Master's programme, Julien discovered the workplace recruitment problems via conferences organised at MBS and is starting to nurture the idea of innovating in the field. Two years after graduating in 2014, he created a real alternative to traditional recruitment websites: the Liha application, which puts human relations at the top.

"It was particularly the interventions by the major MBS partner Adecco, or even Amiral Lajous who opened my eyes to this problem: job seekers have too many choices, too many vacancies that do not match their profile but which they apply for anyway to try their luck. Likewise, recruiters must sort through mountains of applications to find the rare pearl. And sometimes, they just simply do not find it!" explains Julien. "It was thus necessary to devise a way of matching the supply with the demand by simplifying the search process on both sides. We have now created a free tool which is able to make a direct connection between the position in the company and the candidate, like on a dating website."

To arrive at this result, Julien accumulated data collected from HR professionals for a year, with the backing and support of the company where he carried out his work experience training, HP. This time allowed him to refine his project, to conduct a market study and to study the comments of potential users, as well as to assemble a team which today is made up of 6 people, including two occupational psychology experts. It’s good bye to CVs and letters of intent, thanks to a well-thought out algorithm and unique psychological tests; within a few minutes the app indicates to the user whether there is a suitable vacancy or profile.

"All you have to do is quickly fill in a small questionnaire, then complete the psychological tests which are not compulsory, but which are of major added value in our solution, the goal of course being to offer the most specific target possible. Two types of tests are available, one evaluating the potential of the candidate or the company, the second determining its values and the criteria that absolutely must be taken into account for a sustainable relationship between the employer and its employee," comments Julien. "The purpose of the app is to build a link of trust and return the human component which seems to have disappeared bit by bit with the 2.0 recruitment process. By integrating the know-how and skills aspects, and by placing them on the same level as training and work experience, we also want to contribute to the advancement of equal opportunities. I would furthermore like to sincerely thank my former team members at HP, Mr Nathanael Barbier and Mr Olivier Milongo for having believed in this project and having supported me as best possible, as well as my MBS Couch Idriss Reggad, an accomplished entrepreneur!"

Humanity and affinity - that is what sets Liha apart from its competitors! As Saint-Exupéry said..."To love is not to look at each other but to look together in the same direction", and today everyone knows that to love one’s company and work is essential in order to blossom fully as an individual. That is what Julien suggests!

Website: https://lihajob.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lihajob/