When Nielsen presents its assets for brands performance! Feedback on the conference of Emilie Carcassonne and Raphaël Proult, MBS graduates and current employees at this great data performer!


The Big Data, everybody has heard about it… But what does it span and what use of it can served companies for marketing and commercial performance? That is the problematic that 2 graduates from Master Grande Ecole programme of Montpellier BS came share on January 3rd with students in their final year of study!

With more than 6 billion dollars turnover and an international reputation, Nielsen is notably a key player of medias measurement brand consulting which obviously adapted itself to the internet development and e-business. Nowadays, the group realizes follow-up and behavior analysis of more than 60 million customers spread out in 100 countries and on 50 million products a year! An important boon for brands and sectors which -thanks to a better knowledge of their targets- try to make their advertising investments profitable while maximizing buying behaviors.

“The internet and its different communication tools (desktop, smartphones, tablets) have become actual medias because they are a valuable source of information about customers! You can learn many things about privacy and professional situation of somebody with his fingerprints he left every day. At Nielsen, we know how to use these data and provide them to brands to implement and improve their medias strategy. Digital has exceeded some medias far away above newspaper and radio… Only television resists and if the fusion of these two last was a first efficient solution to ensure development, it wasn’t accessible to everyone. For many people, it was difficult to pass ROI test within a bad economical context and customers -too much solicited- became less attentive. For few years, targeting, customizing, and optimization in their digital version became key words of marketing services! And, it’s valuable when you know how to use these data. These trends should be accelerating. Currently, within an online campaign, 43% of advertisements don’t hit their real target. Offer the good product (and even a complementary one) with the good words at the good time and to the good people is what we are looking for. And to reach this point, we collect, compile and model every data left by customers through offline and online sources -as fidelity cards, customers files, e-business, connected services…-. These data are used for profiling and sales forward-looking. And this whole data, because of their large number, are called “Big Data”. You can use them, this is legal if you respect CNIL - the French
Data Protection Authority- directives!”

Everything else in marketing did not really change as our graduate explain it. The challenge is still in a customization always more perfect. “Some brands could have test -thanks to our data- more than 280 different messages for a same campaign and for a same product, only to adapt themselves to their potential customers. The young housewife stereotype does not exist anymore, but the middle manager, single, childless and between ages of 25 and 30 years old, has right to a personalized message. Thanks to profiling, we decrease cost per click, acquisition cost of customer and we increase conversion. Everybody is satisfied including the customer who suffers from fewer advertises and see the interesting one.”

Big Data is a topic which concerns every companies and tomorrow all its functions. Montpellier BS thanks its two graduates who will not miss an opportunity to come back, especially during the concentration pathway next February.

To read more: http://www.nielsen.com/fr/fr.html