The Bac +2 Higher Education Diploma "Tourism Facility Manager" at Montpellier Business School in partnership with the AFPA is a great success for employment!


Montpellier BS and its partner, the AFPA, are happy to share the excellent occupational integration results of the first year group of the Tourism Facility Manager programme through apprenticeship! Because the report is undeniable: 100% of graduates have found positions! This promotion was guided by Ms Sarah Alcesilas, programme manager, for two years.

"Two years ago, in order to respond to the need to train qualified and operational collaborators in this sector, Montpellier BS, in partnership with the AFPA, created this 2-year post-bac course through apprenticeship (RNCP title level-3 certified) with the purpose of training holders of vocational qualifications or general baccalaureates to become competent tourism facility managers in the fields of management, marketing and Human Resources," specifies Ms Alcesilas. "Personally, I am very proud of this initial year group! They have placed the bar very high by passing their modules with verve and by being a constant creative force in their companies. They already form a solid, passionate and solidary network for the new students that I assist. Many of them were able to quickly progress to high-responsibility positions within their host company, thus proving the need for this sector to be able to hand over the controls to well-trained and invested youths."

Among the certificate holders, we in particular think back to Lucie Habas, who was already interviewed last year after having landed her work experience contract in the Mona Lisa group, and who, within a few months, at only 21 years old became the manager of a 4-star residence with 21 flats. Today, still within the group, she was recruited to the position of Deputy Director of a 3-star residence made up of 180 flats! She attributes this wonderful progress in particular to the RET programme provided by tourism professionals who know the specific keys to this sector very well and who concretely make use of their workplace experience. "The Mona Lisa group trusted the programme and two of my trainees because apart from Lisa, Hugo Dussol was recruited on a permanent contract as Director of a starred residence of 110 flats! When we serve the interests of students and their companies, what more can you ask for?" adds Ms Alcesilas. "Of course I can't name everyone but I can congratulate Nataliia Atanamenko and Julie
Lallemant who both work at 4-star hotel residences, respectively in the positions of Events/Seminars Manager and Deputy Director. As for Alicie Messana, she twice decided not to accept the position of Deputy Manager in order to realise her acquisition project and is currently completing her training on the Open-Air Hotel Business at a 5-star Property as Head of Reception."

Montpellier BS and the AFPA congratulate the 1st promotion of the RET 2016 and thank all the companies that participated in the training of its work-experience students.