New: Montpellier Business School’s Masters of Science combines international open-mindedness and entrepreneurship!


Last September, the Montpellier Business School welcomed the first students to its four Master of Science degrees offered entirely in English, specialising in Marketing, Finance, International Business or Global Business, and accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Under the leadership of Mr Pascal Krupka, Director of MS and MSc Development at Montpellier Business School, these 80 new students from 23 different nationalities, who hold either a foreign Bachelor's degree or a French Master 1, are discovering the full merits of an expert programme and a multicultural business approach.

“Of course, the purpose of this type of programme, which is widely recognised around the world, is to act as a springboard to an international career, with a course that combines and follows up academic expertise with career development,” said Mr Krupka. “On average, the programme runs over 16 months and is very comprehensive. The first semester covers theoretical concepts, to ensure that students’ fundamental understanding is reached, and create an environment essential to participation and exchange of cultural and business customs. In the second semester, professionals from various industries introduce students to operational decision-making through projects and actual case studies, before getting started with the compulsory four- to six-month internship.”

And that is indeed the main strength of a world-class MSc programme such as this one. “The rich learning environment of these programmes, resulting from the interaction between students from different nationalities and MBS research lecturers, who are very open to international managerial practices, is essential to the development of the global vision and open-mindedness of a future manager who will have to work in a variety of cultural contexts. In this way, without even being aware of it, the students develop fundamental business skills: open-mindedness, the ability to adapt and to constantly question business practices,” explains Mr Krupka. “This has already started in the day-to-day lives of these international students who, from the moment they arrive, must learn to adapt and be independent in a foreign country whose customs they most likely do not know. We support them in this discovery through an orientation session.”

From then on, these MSc participants are ready to start their 2nd semester, which includes an entrepreneurial group project. “One of the special features of our MSc programme is the ‘Start-up Project’ managed by Professor Paul Martin, who, in line with the university’s commitment to ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, will lead the students in conducting a team project to set up an innovative business, combining students from three MSc programmes (International Business, Marketing and Finance). This original teaching approach, which brings together participants from various fields to work together on business start-up projects, in which each student contributes their own expertise, is an excellent way to generate the teamwork, creativity and innovation essential to the success of any digital transformation project and the sustainability of both public and private organisations.”

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