To respond to its growing appeal and unleash its potential for innovation, the Montpellier Business School is expanding its campus with the creation of its “International Center of Research and Education (ICORE)”.


The Montpellier Business School is furthering its dynamic development, powered by its strategic plan “Together Further 2020”. MBS has just added a new building to its 7.5-hectare campus, the “International Center of Research and Education (ICORE)”, which is dedicated to its rapidly growing multicultural teaching staff. The new building's design and layout are inspired by the latest advancements and trends in architectural planning, in order to facilitate new methods of agile, collaborative and innovative work. It will serve as a laboratory for the design, preparation and development of the educational innovations and research associated with the rapid evolution of the managerial and entrepreneurial world. Naturally, the operation of this facility will also be a valuable indicator with regard to the fine-tuning of MBS's future campus.

For over five years now, the fact that MBS has obtained and renewed recognised French and international quality marks has enabled it to recruit some 30 teacher-researchers and educators from major teaching and research institutions around the world, all highly experienced in the production and transmission of knowledge. The teaching and research staff will be 100-strong by 2020. This is because MBS is seeking to firmly base its ambitious research policy — a major criterion in the quality of business schools in France and around the world — on its excellent performance in 2016.

“The success of our development policy, in both qualitative and quantitative terms, has made us rethink the space dedicated to teachers, putting it in line with the three major pillars of our strategy: humanism, innovation and internationalisation,” said Didier Jourdan, Dean of MBS. “As such, we decided to dedicate a building of several thousand square metres, close to the heritage-listed park on our site, to our teachers. It has been designed as a collaborative space and laid out with care, with an emphasis on well-being, serenity and quality of life, without affecting the close link our teachers have with their students.”

In late January 2017, all teachers at Montpellier Business School will be settled in the new building, a move enabling a more collaborative quality of work, and improving teamwork amongst members of the MBS faculty and its many academic partners. Almost simultaneously, in the campus’ historic central building, a new technological co-working space will be made available to students to develop new, digital tools-based educational approaches as part of a co-management process with the students of MBS.

“Creating dedicated spaces, where it's pleasant to work, is a strategic element for each of our stakeholders,” adds Jourdan. “The development of our academic quality, in full respect of our values, has quickly and logically led us to innovate in our own environment, enabling us to improve how we live and work together, and ultimately go further, at a faster pace.”