An MBA graduation ceremony under the banner of career diversity and fraternity of countries around the Mediterranean Sea


The MBA graduation ceremony of Montpellier Business School took place on last 27 January, gathering 2015 & 2016 promotions of this program which is registered at the National Directory of Professional Certifications of level 1 and acknowledged by AACSB & AMBA. At this moment, the emotion was strong for these 90 graduates -coming from the different MBS campuses, Montpellier, Casablanca, Tunis- their family, teachers, and academic supervisors, who came especially from the other shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

This ceremony was marked by an unprecedented cooperation, a strong bond between three Mediterranean Great Schools acknowledged abroad. “Because it’s not a sea which can prevent men from approaching each other if they want to, especially if they have access to the bridge of knowledge!.” Didier Jourdan, MBS’s Dean, says to congratulate the innovative cooperation between Montpellier Business School, ESPRIT and ISCAE groups and welcome respectively Mr. Naceur Ammar, President of the Executive Board of the ESPRIT group in Tunis, and Mr. Mohammed El Moueffak, in charge of relationship and former Director General of ISCAE group in Casablanca, who were present for this ceremony.

It was with some emotions and actual pride that each stakeholder attested of the excellence of the MBA, its requirement level but also and mainly the enrichment given by approaches and exchanges between participants coming from many horizons (scientists, engineers, commercials and entrepreneurs) in synergy with their teachers. Catherine Marlier, Director of Executive MBA program, also highlighted the courage of families because of the academic and professional reassessment of their relatives, and had a word to children present for the occasion.

Five awards of excellence were given to graduates who get the best results in each discipline and six awards of research for the best professional theses! “A difficult but essential work… an actual introspection exercise, a deep thinking about the professional positioning…” According to Dr. Paul Chiambaretto professor-researcher in marketing. Some were rewarded twice, especially Mr. Nicolas HERTEL rewarded for excellence and research. “I’m very pride of these two rewards. I would never thought getting into entrepreneurship and even less in application development. However, this is where my research subject leaded me and my project has been an innovative solution, and even received a French Tech research grant!”

The ceremony could not end without an Entrepreneurship and Diversity Incentive Award for 2016! Ms. Fatima El Mrabti received it from Caroline Cazi, Human resources, diversity and CSR Director of MBS, and from Pr. Walid Nakara, for her project to help young people in difficulty. “I don’t regret my 500 hours of work in the framework of this extraordinaire MBA, thanks to you, I evolved in my professional ambitions and now I feel ready to create this Foundation which is dear to my heart”

There is no doubt that MBS Entreprendre, under the direction of Pierre-Alain Rogel and his network, will be very regarding to the evolution of Fatima El Mrabti as the other participants of the Executive MBA program 2017 & 2018 who were present and are looking forward to receive their precious sesame as well.