Professor at MBS, Dr. Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz is rewarded for its doctorate thesis “Environmental innovations: corporate strategies and institutional influences”.


Spanish teacher of 33 years old, Dr. Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz teaches the strategy of environmental institution to Master students of Montpellier Business School in his course “Innovation Development”. Author of a doctorate thesis entitled “Environmental innovations: corporate strategies and institutional influences”, he has been rewarded for his research work on last 13 December by a national prize in Spain during a ceremony in Malaga.

“It was a national competition in Spain for all doctorate theses about CSR” says Dr. Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz. “The competition gathered theses produced in Spain in 2015 and I got the 2nd national prize on nearly 40 theses selected. My thesis already had the best mark 100/100 but this prize is a wonderful recognition! I’m very happy and pride of this reward because my thesis director told me I have the potential to be well ranked but I didn’t think I reached the top of the ranking. Indeed, there is a strong competition around this topic of CSR because it is very important nowadays, it is a “hot topic” as we say! So, I am both surprised and happy to get that position!”

The professor of MBS explains us his work which led him to this thesis. “I was a PhD student at Grenade University and I chose to do my thesis in English. For my research on the strategy of environmental innovation, I went to the Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich in Switzerland and in the USA at the Georges Washington University. My work was not only about Spain because I was able to  analyze the environment of environmental innovation in the USA, Europe but also Japan. And so, the impact of the results is logically stronger.”

“We know the current problems with the environmental crisis and global warming” he says. “The solution passes by the environmental innovations but there are thousands of them. And for a company this is not obvious to pick one. So, the solution needs a strategy combining some innovations which will have a positive result. But what technology will be the best for the company? In my thesis, I explain that it’s preferable to focus on 3 or 4 innovations and develop them later. After comparisons between different countries and the influence of governments on environmental innovation development, we can say that one should not copy the strategy of another because it will not necessarily be adapted. Each company, sector or even country must find its own strategy. This is confirmed by a comparative analyze between different blocs -Anglo-Saxon/Germany-Japan- to see differences on 25 years because the economic context from a year to another is too much random.”

Based on his research works, professor Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz teaches in English the course " Innovation Development " to Master students of  Montpellier Business School. “I had the opportunity to create my course, what was very important for me because I can adapt it to the current events”. “It is ideal for me and for my students because MBS is an international business school worn by the research in strategic innovation”.

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