Performance in continuity: The World Connexion association supports every year all international students!


Montpellier BS receives every year within 2 semesters more than 300 international students coming from exchanges of partner universities or directly recruited through one of the seven of Externalized Centers of International Recruitment present in different countries around the world. After the all process of recruitment, administrative and installation procedures managed by the International Direction, it’s the student association World Connexion which is in charge to facilitate international student’s integration alongside French students of MBS, but also and mainly to show them what does a student life in Montpellier look like.

Nearly fifty new international students joined the campus of MBS in last January. That was the opportunity for World Connexion to renew the “month of integration” which has for purpose the made in MBS welcome of international students. “Each year World’Co fulfills its mission to integrate international students coming to study for a year, a semester or more” says Karim Boujnane, the president of the association. “As many partner universities, abroad, we decided to put a mentor system since their arrival so that everybody can have a privileged link with a French student able to bring his support and advises about life in France, in Montpellier or at MBS. Each student is unique because of his nationality, his background, his French level sometimes to improve! These mentoring allow French students to open themselves to international cultural codes and to improve their English, Spanish, or even to start Chinese practicing! This is a privileged experience between students!”

During few weeks, World’Co is present for international students. “We organize 1 or 2 events a week: meeting between nationality, “typical” activities with people from Montpellier, discovering of French gastronomy with for instance oenology lesson or “World’chef” contest. We have the chance to pilot our project by ourselves and to share our creativity by the atmosphere of the moment in the promotion and expectations of international students. By the way, I thank Laura, last year president whose advices were very valuable.

For Chinese New Year for example, World’Co proposed 3 stands about Chinese culture discovery: Sweet and savory specialties cooked by Chinese students, horoscope "made in World'Co" explaining the various astrological signs, and of course ... calligraphy workshop! “Chinese students, which represent 21% of arrivals this year, were very pleased to share their culture as they did within the International Day! At the end of February, students in first year of Master will choose the university and the country where they will study next academic year.   No doubt that World’Co will fulfill its play within personalized support of these students above information transmissions of current expatriates which will be provided by the coordinating team of the International Programme Office. Welcome of International students is a team matter !”