“I had a permanent position before I even took my finals!” Alice, who graduated with a Bachelor’s in 2016, is thriving as a sales consultant at estate agent Bouygues Immobilier


After obtaining a technical certificate (BTS, Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in Negotiations and Customer Relations, Alice wanted to add the MBS Bachelor’s programme in her final year, because of “the courses in English and French, the broad spectrum of subject matter covered, and the option to do an apprenticeship for year L3.” After passing the entrance exam, she chose this course and joined the team at Bouygues Immobilier in Montpellier. It was a rewarding and successful apprenticeship, as she had already accepted a job offer by the time she took her final exams at MBS.

Quite a revelation! By spending her last year of the MBS Bachelor’s programme in an apprenticeship in sales support and marketing at Bouygues Immobilier, Alice realised that this line of work was the perfect match for her. “I had the chance to learn about different sectors and different positions, and I also had the chance to prove myself,” she explains. “And this broad exposure, along with the responsibilities I’d taken on, led to a job offer in June 2016. So even before I took my finals, I already had a permanent job lined up! Honestly, I didn’t really expect to come out of the Bachelor’s programme with an offer like that right away, but the apprenticeship allowed me to learn about estate agency, and as a career it seemed made for me, so I accepted straight away. Today I’m a sales consultant at Bouygues Immobilier, and I sell new off-plan apartments in Montpellier.”

Besides finding a job that suits her, Alice also gained valuable skills and a great deal of maturity during her L3 year. “Looking back, I can say that the apprenticeship in the Bachelor’s programme allowed me to learn about the ‘real world,’ and to link theory and practice,” adds the 23-year-old. “For example, in class I learned about marketing concepts that I could use at the company just a few days later. So in the end, the curriculum has definitely given me much more than a degree. Far more! The group work in particular allowed me to build a network with classmates from my year. And I was delighted by the quality of the courses, the teachers, and the practical experience shared by the participants. In short, I came out of MBS with plenty of contacts and friends, and above all, with a set of skills and experiences that let me face the future with confidence.”

As a recent graduate who’s thriving in an ongoing position, Alice has some advice for future students in the Bachelor’s programme. “I’d tell them to keep going, and to always stay motivated, because it’s worth it. It’s an enriching experience, both professionally and personally, and I have no regrets.”

Many thanks to Alice for sharing her experience. If you’re looking for a new place to live in Montpellier, maybe you’ll have a chance to make use of her services!

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