As Royal Canin sees it, the future of health and nutrition for cats and dogs lies in individualisation. Report on a talk given by MBS’s 38th major partner, Mars France


As part of its major partner lecture series, on 7th February Montpellier Business School welcomed Mr Thierry Rambaud, Global Individualisation Director at Royal Canin, a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, who spoke on the topic of marketing individualisation. What’s individualisation? How is it different from hyper-segmentation? Why is it a marketing strategy that makes sense for a global brand? Answers below, with a report on the conference.

Thierry Rambaud opened the conference by highlighting the policy and values of the international group to which Royal Canin belongs. “We want people, as well as animals, to live well. And at Royal Canin, a leading brand at MARS Inc., we believe that animals make the world a better place for people. So we also want to build a better world for animals through our area of expertise: health and nutrition. With over 12 million cats and dogs around the world, our ambition is to offer every animal the product that best suits their profile and health conditions: age, size, weight, breed, potential disease, or predisposition to illness. We already offer specific recommendations for every dog and cat by breed and age (junior, adult, senior), as well as special food for ill or neutered pets, for example. Today, with the rise of technology and digital health, we can go even further and offer individualisation, an even more precise solution for a nutritious diet.”

The world has changed! It’s no longer the owner who chooses the pet’s food, but a specialist who determines an optimal diet based on data and statistics gathered over the internet and through online services. “Dog and cat owners are increasingly connected and eager for information about their pet. With GPS chips and activity trackers, as well as DNA tests, we can learn more about our best friends and use this information to feed them better,” noted Mr. Rambaud.

“In fact, as technology becomes more affordable and widespread, veterinary medicine makes it possible to spot what only recently was still invisible. We want to reduce pets’ risk of illness, to take better care of them, to improve their well-being, and to play a bigger role in prevention through nutrition, just as for people. We’re working closely with veterinarians, professionals, and specialised distributors, because marketing these foods requires an expertise and a technical know-how that only specialists like breeders, veterinarians, or point-of-sale advisors can provide. At Royal Canin, precision is our mantra, and our mission is to always put the pet first.”

After the talk, the entire Mars France and Royal Canin team met with students at a booth set up for the occasion. With 140 internship and apprenticeship opportunities, their contribution was well received. This wonderful event was made possible by our new major partner, Mars France and its subsidiaries: Mars Petcare, Mars Chocolate, Mars Food, Wrigley, Mars Drinks, and Mars Symbioscience.

Thanks to Thierry Rambaud, Global Individualisation Director, Royal Canin; Pierre Bonelli, Director of Human Resources, Royal Canin; and Marjorie Dorin, Employer Branding Officer, Mars France.