“I always liked watchmaking, but it’s become a real passion.” 2013 Bachelor’s graduate Eleonore Degani is International Social Media Coordinator at Tissot in Switzerland


At the age of 26, Eleonore found her niche at renowned Swiss watchmaker Tissot. She came across the company on an internship in the third year of her Bachelor’s degree at MBS and went back as soon as she graduated. Social networks, the digital environment and travel are part of her everyday life — what, we asked her, does the position of International Social Media Coordinator involve?

Since 2013, Eleonore’s life has been as synchronised as a Swiss watch. But not just any watch. Eleonore works at Tissot, the world leader, in terms of volume, of the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry, and the flagship brand of the Swatch Group. “Between September 2011 and August 2012, my third-year Bachelor’s internship was going very well and Tissot offered me a permanent contract. I turned it down to finish my studies at MBS, but ended up rejoining Tissot as soon as I graduated, when they offered me a marketing assistant position. I didn’t hesitate long because watchmaking was already something I was interested in, but it became a real joy during that internship,” recalls Eleonore. “From the start, I was in charge of the social networks, because at the time that kind of media wasn’t yet a part of the basic marketing strategy. Naturally, there was a lot to do. Now I supervise the 14 local Facebook pages and manage the Twitter and Instagram accounts on a daily basis. In total, on all platforms, we have a little more than 2.2 million followers worldwide.”

As full-time Social Media Manager since December, Eleonore is experiencing the digitisation of her company from the inside. “Everything is being digitised, and you can see that in the advertising budgets. The future is in digital communication. Plus, what’s particularly interesting about what I do is that I’m getting familiar with the community of Tissot fans and knowing in advance what kind of post will be successful or not. Our fans like our watches most, but they’re also interested in our sports partnerships, so I try to find the best way of communicating everything on our various social media platforms.”

And it’s because of those partnerships that Eleonore has the opportunity of travelling around the world and meeting celebrities from the sports world. “It’s non-stop! We have several sports ambassadors, including basketball player Tony Parker and triple MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo, and we’re Official Timekeepers in a range of sports: cycling, with the Tour de France; basketball, with the NBA, CBA and FIBA; various rugby championships, such as RBS6 Nations, Top 14 and EPCR; and also all the MotoGP races. It’s very time-consuming and my phone is permanently attached to my hand because there’s always something to post, someone to congratulate, a product launch to manage or a new record time to announce. You have to accept that you’ll put 200% into your job, and in the end it’s a little like a sport for me too,” she jokes.

“It’s very time-consuming, but there are some really good sides because I’m working in a sector that fascinates me, one with a strong international aspect. For me, the medium-term goal is to get more involved with the photo shoots for our social networks a little more,” she concludes.

Our thanks to Eleonore for this testimonial. Visit Tissot’s social media sites to see what she’s been up to.