Martin: from Austria to France to an international job in the tourism sector, with MBS’s MSc in International Business


If Martin could be defined in a phrase, it would be a polyglot with a passion for travel. After obtaining a degree at the College of Tourism and Leisure Industry in Austria, his home country, Martin headed for Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom to complete the Bachelor of Arts programme in Hospitality with Events Management. He chose France as his next country of study, aiming to complete his studies and enhance his CV. He opted for MBS’s Master of Sciences in International Business, which enabled him to complete his education and take advantage of a long-term internship before entering the job market.

Martin chose the MSc in International Business first and foremost to acquire new skills in management, marketing and business strategy on an international level, aspects he hadn’t had the chance to explore in previous courses. “Because I’d studied the ‘pure’ tourism sector a lot, I wanted to choose a complementary course, one that corresponded with my career objective, which is to work in international development of a tourist facility. I already speak French and English fluently, but this MSc was an opportunity to perfect both languages, especially with a more technical and professional vocabulary.”

Today, Martin has just begun his second semester of courses and gave us his impression of the curriculum: “For me, the major advantage of this MSc is really the quality of the preparation for entering the international business world. The courses and workshops are designed in such a way as to guarantee fast employment, by giving us all the keys to become competent managers or to start up a business of our own. In the first semester, Professor Paul Martin’s International Business Model Developer course taught us to really think about our career objectives and better orient ourselves. We had several entrepreneurs and company directors coming in to tell us their experiences, which gave us new insight into our potential career choices. This semester, we’ve got major work ahead with the “Entrepreneurial Project” course, which challenges us to create an innovative company with students from two other MBS MSc programmes.”

And in June, it will already be time for the four-to-six-month internship, which Martin also plans to do in France. “I want to stay in France for my internship because France has always been the top world destination, ahead of the United States. So to get work experience here can only be positive. The ideal would be to find it in the marketing department of an international hotel complex. I think that speaking seven languages, five fluently, is an asset that might set me apart from the other candidates in the sector, so I’m pretty optimistic.”

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