Any background, any prior education: the world awaits at Montpellier BS! Focus on the International Pro pathway for first-year Master’s students from Passerelle 2 programmes


At Montpellier BS, February is when students have the opportunity to choose their partner university abroad. Those who joined us in first year study for a full academic year, and those entering second year directly will study abroad for a semester. Montpellier BS has been building a powerful network of foreign partner universities around the world since 2001, appreciating that an international education isn’t gained in the classroom but experienced over the long term.

A long-term international educational experience for all, with no additional tuition fees, regardless of the destination, is the guiding principle at Montpellier Business School. After the final-year Bachelor and Master programme students in the International Business specialisation (over 75% of whom study combined courses) had their destinations confirmed this week, it was time for the students who joined the Master Grande Ecole programme in the second year and opted for the International Pro pathway to choose their international destinations.

“Students entering the second year of the Master Grande Ecole programme directly are able, during their placement year, to broaden their international experience by opting for the Shanghai programme or the International Pro pathway, which combines a semester in one of MBS’s partner universities with a six-month internship abroad or in an international position. This gives them the chance of extended international experience, through academic experience that they can broaden with work experience,” says Carole Santos Magliozzi, associate director in charge of international programmes and students.

Ranked on the basis of their first semester’s academic results, students choose their destinations according to their place in the ranking — not without a certain trepidation. Their language levels and the academic results required by MBS’s partner universities are taken into account. The next goal for the 34 students who chose the International Pro pathway: to pass the second semester at MBS!

“We were asked to arrive in groups of 20, in order of ranking, and we each took turns choosing our university, from the list of universities available for a semester. Ultimately, we decided to go to India. It will be a huge culture shock and an amazing place to discover, one where we can improve our English on another continent. I think it will only truly sink in when it’s time to board the plane!” say Clarisse and Chloé, assigned to Bangalore University.

This year, 34 second-year students in the Master Grande Ecole programme chose to complete the International Pro pathway. They were able to choose from 123 semester-long openings in 57 MBS partner universities in 27 countries. Next week, it will be time for 360 first-year students to choose from some 500 openings. Montpellier Business School wishes its L3s a great weekend in advance.