The Parisien Etudiant has cast its vote for the top three-year bachelor’s degrees, and Montpellier Business School is in the top three!


After L’Etudiant magazine—which, early this month, published a ranking of 51 bac +3 bachelor’s degrees in which the Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) at Montpellier Business School (MBS) ranked first for international outreach and third for highest salaries after graduation—it was the Parisien Etudiant's turn today to publish a general best-of list of 46 bachelor’s degrees, in which our BIBA came in third. These ranking lists confirm that recognised institutions are on a roll with their three-year degree programmes (180 ECTS credits).

"The bachelor’s programmes are on the rise despite increased competition; we have become a benchmark in a very dynamic market in terms of academic excellence, international vision and employability alike”, says MBS Dean Didier Jourdan. "What's more, we have had the advantage, for over 10 years now, of knowing how to successfully combine a policy of academic excellence with a real social policy certified by AFNOR (the diversity label), which is a privilege only three of the grandes écoles in France have earned. I am therefore impatiently waiting for the day when this criterion of commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity is reflected in a significant way in these rankings".

Created in 2001, this programme "loaded with international sales and marketing projects", which has RNCP national certification (level II) and whose international designation at Montpellier Business School is “Bachelor of International Business Administration”, now prepares for a future of more than 700 students every year. Recognised by the State as a Bac+3 education with 180 ECTS credits, the programme is actually taught in four years because a long-term work experience (work placement year) occurs between the second andthird years. 66% of students complete this experience abroad. The last year, spent entirely in English, is part of either a double degree from one of our foreign partner universities or an apprenticeship curriculum. The employability rate of our students at graduation is 76%.

"The advantage of our Bachelor, intended for international business, concludes with a threefold award: a Bachelor from Montpellier Business School, accredited AACSB; a degree (Bachelor or equivalent) from a foreign partner university and a "Management des Sciences et Technologies" degree from the Montpellier IAE, which gives you immediate entry into the international labour market. And if there is a willingness to continue studies, the competitive entrance examination for the master’s degrees of the grandes écoles of management are completely open to these degrees, just like the Masters of Science (MSc)", says Programme Director Beverly Leligois.

For Montpellier Business School, when the career fairs and tests roll around, there is no doubt that for hundreds of students these new rankings will point the way to new orientation solutions beyond APB.