After 120 years, we’re still a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation! MBS’s new MSc in Digital Management is certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles!


After successfully launching the MSc in International Business, MSc in Marketing, MSc in Finance and a tri-continent MSc in Global Business with the University of Victoria in Canada and SKU in South Korea, Montpellier Business School has just received certification from the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles for its new Master of Science in Digital Management, which opens in autumn 2017.

It’s no secret that the digital transformation is now impacting every industry’s economic activity, not to mention their employment pools. It’s significantly influencing the evolution of existing jobs, the creation of tomorrow’s jobs, and the development of new skills.

In the face of findings and studies showing that organisations have an increasing need for managers with a concrete knowledge of digital culture to succeed in the digital transformation, Montpellier Business School has just created an MSc in Digital Management. The new MSc follows in MBS’ tradition of educational innovation, in keeping with its three main objectives: encouraging excellence in teaching through research, particularly on innovation; enriching the portfolio of its programmes; and continuing to internationalise its activities.
“The MSc in Digital Management is aimed at teaching international students how to understand models of value creation and distribution, acquire versatile methods for steering projects and performance, and understand the impact of the digital on methods of leadership, creativity and organisation. The modules associated with the overall 470-hour programme have been put together by the teacher-researchers at MBS and a panel of influential professionals in digital strategy, applied big data, versatile project management, change management, operational process digitalisation and web marketing. It also includes a six-month entrepreneurial project in multi-skilled teams made up of other MSc students (particularly in International Business, Finance and Marketing), coached by teachers and entrepreneurs,” says Pascal Krupka, MSc Development Director.

The programme, taught entirely in English, is spread out over 16 months, four to six of which are spent in an internship or employment in France or abroad. It’s intended for French or international bachelor’s degree graduates who have passed the selection criteria (academic record, interview and required level of English). It’s aimed first and foremost at developing an open mind to managerial innovation, enabling students to be both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur. The MSc in Digital Marketing is aimed at specific careers as well as general and operational activities, with a particular focus on the current needs of digital managers, digital transformation managers, web entrepreneurs, e-marketing managers, digital strategy consultants and more.

There’s no doubt that it will find a favourable response among many students in search of a high-level course, one that’s forward-looking and geared to meet the expectations of companies around the world.

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