Mollie: “I have a professional Baccalaureate, 5 years of experience in luxury and now I am in Master 2 by apprenticeship at Chanel! Thank to those who encouraged me to believe in my dreams!”


Nowadays, Mollie Angel Brown is a student in last year of Master Grande Ecole program from Montpellier Business School and apprentice at Chanel. And all started with… a professional baccalaureate specialized in aestheticism, cosmetic and perfumery, and she would never change this! Through a full apprenticeship academic background with an advanced technician degree and a bachelor degree, Mollie accumulated nice experiences in different luxury famous brands to finally enter MBS through the 2nd year apprenticeship entrance exam!

“Since high school, I absolutely wanted to direct me in the field of aestheticism, cosmetic and perfumery” Mollie says. “…Unfortunately for those who wanted to direct me in a general education, and who thought that with a professional degree I would fail. I believed in my abilities, my desires and I was right!” After a baccalaureate with a good appreciation, Mollie decided to study in apprenticeship while working within her holidays. “I thought that the apprenticeship was the best way to be professionalized in the field which is my passion. Firstly, I started with little experiences at L’Oréal Luxe, Dior or even Guerlain, then I get a 2 years apprenticeship contract at Lancôme within my technician degree, that encouraged me to keep going as far as possible to reach a Master degree.”

For her Bachelor, Mollie decided to choose business schools and more particularly MBS. “When I was looking for different options to pursue my studies in a Master program through an apprenticeship, I found the apprenticeship entrance exam which completely fit my profile and allowed me to avoid the competition of classic examination exams. After I passed the 1st year entrance exam, I didn’t found a 3 years apprenticeship contract in my favorite field, then I went to do a professional Bachelor somewhere else with a 1 year contract at Chanel. Thus, I came back to pass the 2nd year entrance exam in 2016 and continue 2 more years with the same brand. The rhythm of 3 weeks in a company and 1 week at school, was ideal for them and the school is renowned for its expertise in apprenticeship! I’m very glad to be at MBS because this is the school of diversity! Here, I’m not an alien despite my background you see (laughing)! On the contrary, the difference is valuable and considered as a “talent”!”

Currently, Mollie is a well-rounded student proud of her choices! “I work in cosmetics, at the position of trade and merchandising commissioner. I’m in charge of 45 shops in Paris whose 2 of them are the biggest of the capital and I visit between 3 to 4 shops a day. This is very dynamic and I love it! The atmosphere between collaborators, at the head office and in shops, is always very good. There is a lot of sharing and solidarity, it’s encouraging and I have a lot of fun in my work! “Mollie says.

“I would never change my background for anything, and I encourage students who are in a professional education; to follow the path coming from their heart, to believe in themselves and avoid listening to prejudices! I had the luck to meet amazing professors within my professional baccalaureate at the Hélène Boucher high school at Toulouse, they supported me and I thank them. Fortunately, there are schools and companies which give their chance to each profile wherever they come, if you prove your skills and your soft skills!”

Montpellier Business School congrats Mollie and doesn’t doubt she will give herself the means to go to the end of her dreams!