A day to help the Cancer league ! The positive and convivial action of 7 students from Bachelor program of MBS


Since the beginning of the academic year every students in the 2nd year of Bachelor program and in 1st year of Master program from MBS, work on an educational project in connection with associations and solidary organizations whose purpose is to support human and solidarity values. This year, Cecile, Sofia, Charlotte, Pauline, Ahmed, Charif and Anael made the choice to make a commitment alongside the Cancer League. After the publication of a calendar and a charity night to raise funds, they organized, for the students and staff,  in partnership with the humanitarian association of MBS, Sup de Coeur, a conference & workshops day on March 27 from 10 am until 4 pm.

If they all have the talent to be different, these 7 students of Bachelor program, have chosen to put this day under the “Together, we’re amazing” slogan, with the will to positive the information and prevention message. “Our flagship message is that we are all concerned with the fight against cancer. As all our actions, the purpose of this awareness day is to inform as many people as possible by betting on positivity, conviviality and solidarity” Cecile the group manager and Sofia in charge of the day organization, say.

Our commitment take place in line of positive developments of the research against Cancer. To keep in that way, we decided to begin the day with a conference which started with a dance from Colombian students of MBS, who already brought a lot of happiness during the International Day last November!” Cecile says. “Then, Mr. Jean Bernard Dubois, President of the 34 comity of the Cancer League, Mr. Richard Pages, general secretary, and Mrs. Durand, in charge of the prevention, spoke about progresses of the research in oncology. In the afternoon, we kept awareness with workshops about different topics: tobacco, dangers of sunburns, and eat well, move well. We invited everybody to join us and exchange and then have a better knowledge of the principal risk factors. The purpose is not to put a judgement or blame, but instead inform and advise so that everyone truly know the risks, which is not always the case, far from it!”

Throughout that day, every photo which allow them to realize the calendar “Cancer League” were exhibited. “These pictures were taken in Montpellier downtown with people randomly encountered who agreed to participate and gave us their image right. It was an amazing experience! They all played the game in front of the camera when we explained them our purpose. As only 12 pictures were selected for the calendar, we decided to exhibit the other pictures on the three floors of the school. Expose these pictures of smiling people who have fun, is also a way to create this friendly and positive atmosphere which matters for us in our communication and to show one more time that we are all concerned.”