For the sixth consecutive year, MBS held a discovery weekend exploring the different types of jobs made possible by higher education, as part of the “Cordées de la Réussite” programme


For 10 years, Montpellier Business School and its students, true to their commitment to equal opportunity, have taken part in the national Cordées de la Réussite event. In collaboration with a number of schools in priority districts of the Montpellier education authority, they have coached and tutored students from fourth year up to the Baccalaureate. This month, they ended the year with a three-day weekend dedicated to the discovery of the kinds of careers available with a higher education, this time in the aeronautics field. Seventy fourth-year students from five schools attended, coached by MBS students and Benjamin Ferran, Director of Social Diversity and Student Initiatives.

“This is the biggest event of the year that we’re organising for the Cordées. The goal of this weekend, which is an MBS initiative, is to show secondary school students how many careers there are out there for them when they opt for higher education. Whether it’s at our institution or somewhere else, we want them to shake off any stale notions about their chances of entering sectors of excellence. These sectors can be real drivers for their development and professional success,” said B. Ferran. “Every year we help students discover a different area. For our 2017 edition, we decided to introduce them to the aeronautics sector in Toulouse, focusing as much on the cultural aspect as on the academic and professional aspects.”

Among the weekend’s events was a visit to the Ecole Nationale d’Aviation Civile, with a presentation on its various training courses and a tour of the premises, and a look at the Airbus plant’s A380 assembly line and Aeroscopia museum. The weekend ended with a trip to the Cité de l’Espace.

Also present was MBS Master’s student Berklee, who runs the Diversity Project and works as an intern in the Human Resources, Diversity and SER Department. “Every student went away feeling very enthusiastic. They were delighted to have learned more about an area that is often thought of as inaccessible, but which, when demystified, turns out to be a real career possibility after all! One of the students attending the weekend said to us, for instance, that she wanted to start planning a career as an air traffic controller. That’s exactly what we’re looking for when we organise these weekends: we want people to find their professional calling, in any type of sector.”

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