Domos Kit, co-founded by 2016 MBS graduate Alexandre, is the 2017 winner of the competition that discovered Blablacar!


Alexandre never thought he’d be an entrepreneur, and yet... In 2013, he entered the MBS Master programme in continuing education for the chance it offered to spend long stints abroad, and began to contemplate a career in international marketing. But when he finally graduated, he ended up joining two childhood friends working on an innovative online project. Since then, their start-up Domos Kit has come a long way, and was recognised in the “Most Innovative Services of 2017” competition held by Trophées des Services Innovants, winning the “Improving Daily Life” category.

“To be honest, I didn’t aspire to become an entrepreneur at all,” confessed Alexandre. “I had this plan to work in wines and spirits marketing. I’d chosen my final-year specialisation with that in mind. That was the topic of my thesis! As it turned out, I wound up in a completely different sector, and I love it. But I still have this passion for spirits that I’ll never forget.”

It was after closely following a nascent project by two childhood friends that Alexandre joined the adventure himself when he graduated in 2016. Today, their start-up Domos Kit is booming, with eight full-time people on staff and aspirations to raise between €500,000 and €1 million by next September to make a foray onto the international market. “Domos Kit is based on a simple finding: Six million people move house every year and more than 73% of them find the process stressful. Domos Kit’s solution is a smart web platform that centralises all housing-related services, such as internet, electricity, gas, home insurance and administrative procedures. Any Domos Kit user can very simply sign up for or cancel subscriptions, and access all the info on these services in less than five minutes, from a unique personal space that’s automated and free. Our aim is to save our clients approximately €300 a year on their bills by taking advantage of discounts from service providers.”

It’s an innovative project that has turned more than a few heads and was rewarded on 27 February in the Trophées des Services Innovants’ competition, winning the “Improving Daily Life” category. “In no time, all sorts of people were interested in on our idea, and in less than one month we had more than 100 customers. So we accelerated the process and now have 15 providers and over 130 prescriber partners. The next step was to gain visibility and credibility by trying out for the competition that launched the now-ubiquitous Blablacar… and the pleasant surprise was that we won! Now we’re building on our momentum, and the next step will be to focus our French development on the student market — students often have to deal with unexpected moves, for internships, for instance — and set our sights on international markets.”

And since a growing company won’t run itself, Alexandre makes a point of reminding us that Domos Kit is hiring. “To all those MBS students or graduates who want to gain entrepreneurial experience in a start-up moving at full speed, we welcome you with open arms. Don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re interested in all sorts of profiles!”

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