“This is a beautiful individual success, but before anything else, a wonderful collective experience!” Julien, graduate from Montpellier Business School and La Trobe University, says.


On March 24th took place the Graduation Ceremony for students in last year of the Bachelor program of Montpellier Business School, who studied and passed remotely courses of the double degree program of MBS with “La Trobe”, Australian University. During the ceremony, Julien held a speech in the name of his promotion.

“When I entered the Bachelor program of MBS after a baccalaureate in social & economics, I already had the purpose to realize a double degree with La Trobe” Julien, says. “To improve as much as possible my chances, especially about English, I decided to pass my internship year in England, as European Car Sales for the Rent2buy subsidiary from Hertz group. Nowadays, I think it’s not an obligation to have an immersive experience in an English-speaking country before La Trobe because everybody can succeed with willingness. But you have to be mentally prepared as it’s a real challenge!”

Within this last year, Julien discovered with his classmates, the teaching and the evaluation methods specific to the Australian University. Thus, during the first semester, 2 courses allow them to quickly adapt and understand the functioning of the program before the second semester much more intense, including 4 courses in the fields of economics, marketing, trade or market finance, and an important international group project,  in English, of course! “I can tell you that we progress quickly in English, because we are obliged to move forward with the lessons to avoid an overflow. Within 10 months, it’s for us twice much more work than for Australian students.  So, the point is to keep focusing on La Trobe and our self-organization. But if I could do it again, I won’t hesitate. This common purpose -being graduated- had strengthen our promotion. We all pulled each other to the top so that no one is left behind. It was a lot of sharing and solidarity. Assigned teachers from MBS were very available and constantly in link with teachers in Australia about lessons, expected work and exams. They advised, helped and led us. They were as much invested as us and that is very valuable!” Julien says. “Finally, when you receive the exams results and when you passed them, it’s simply a huge relief and a tremendous pride to have reached this point! It wasn’t easy, but that is what makes the “reward” even more beautiful! I think we can also thank our relatives for their support until the end because they were essential in this adventure and also Montpellier Business School which allow us to follow this prestigious course”.

Now officially owner of a Bachelor in International Business of La Trobe University, Julien doesn’t forget to give his little advice to next academic promotions. “I would simply tell them : go ahead, work hard, overpass yourself, and you’ll be surprised of your own abilities! This degree that you will deserve, is not only an asset for your employability but a proof of your willingness and ambitions. And that is something you keep in you all your life!”
Montpellier Business School congratulates once again the 2016 double-graduated Bachelor and wish them a bright future!

To see pictures from the ceremony of March 27 :  http://bit.ly/MBSLaTrobe2017