Adopting a diversity policy is a proactive and courageous act. Montpellier Business School celebrates eight years of certification by the AFNOR Diversity Label


In 2009, Montpellier Business School was the first higher education institution in France to be accredited with the diversity label awarded by the French Standardisation Association, the Association Française de Normalisation. After its first renewal in 2012, it received the prestigious award once again, the culmination of more than 20 years of effort advocating for equal opportunities. The school’s equal opportunity policy began in 1997 with its decision to admit holders of Bac+2 or 3 apprenticeships and continues today, reflected by its 360-degree strategy involving all stakeholders (students, employees, teachers and businesses).

“Extending a helping hand to promote upward mobility and social inclusion is a strong and certainly courageous act,” said Dean Didier Jourdan. “And if today, in 2017, we are one of only three higher education institutions in France to have this mark of diversity, it’s perhaps a sign that more effort is required. Not every institution wants to deal with the pressures involved in meeting international academic quality standards. Here at Montpellier Business School, openness and diversity have been a proactive and strategic focus for two decades now, which is a source of great success — and great pride. Though the overall annual investment is close to two million euros, it has enabled us to establish our position. For instance, more than 26.5% of students in our programme come from disadvantaged social backgrounds (CSP-), an enormous percentage compared to other business schools.”

The diversity label was created in 2008. State-owned and issued by AFNOR as a certification, it aims to prevent discrimination and promote diversity in all sectors, both public and private. Montpellier Business School has been recognised once again for implementing a concrete policy to prevent discrimination and promote diversity. The comprehensive policy encompasses all of MBS’s administrative and educational activities, from staff recruitment to the implementation of a real social policy for its students.

“We put ourselves forwards for the accreditation in 2008. Over the years, we’ve broadened our scope with an audit procedure, based on a seven-point list that every stakeholder has a hand in creating,” said Caroline Cazi, Director of Human Resources and SER. “At Montpellier Business School, our policy covers topics of disability, equal opportunity and diversity among staff and teachers. We firmly believe that implementing such a policy is a recipe for success, a source of innovation, and the results are easy to prove. Partner companies recruiting our students understand their value. They come here to recruit individuals, men and women who have enhanced their skills through their studies and courses, and who have experience when it comes to these questions of diversity.”

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