From project idea to commercialisation: 2016 Master’s graduates Victor and Kevin launch VIVO, a high-pressure hand shower for toilets


They met at Montpellier Business School and decided to set up their company in the Start Up specialisation pathway in their final year of Master Grande Ecole. Victor Fabre and Kevin Bensimon, who graduated only last December, launched their innovative product on the French market this month. And their hand shower for toilets is sure to cause a stir...

So, what actually is VIVO? “It’s the brand we launched to commercialise our first product, a high-pressure hand shower that does away with the traditional toilet brush and all the ickiness that comes with it,” explain Victor and Kevin. “This hand shower is a faster and more hygienic way to clean toilets. It uses very little water (the equivalent of one shower a year), connects to the water valve and you don’t need a plumber to install it. On top of that, our kit includes all the necessary parts: hand shower, hose, special faucet, stand, joints and instructions. And there’s a tutorial online explaining how to install it in 10 minutes.”

But before reaching the marketing stage, our two graduates worked their way through the necessary steps one by one. After starting the Master programme at MBS in 2012 having sat the Passerelle entrance exams, Victor and Kevin put their Start Up specialisation pathway to good use to turn their idea into a reality. “We’ve been friends since we first arrived at the school,” explained Kevin. “We both had ideas, and I didn’t see myself starting out on my own, so why not do it with a friend who also has a taste for entrepreneurship? It was while we were doing a hands-on case during the specialisation pathway that we had the idea. The aim was to work on importing an original product into France or the US. I remembered my university exchange year in China, where I discovered these hand showers they use instead of toilet paper. So I said to myself, now there’s an idea!”

Three days later, because of the great response we received, what was once a simple idea for a class became an actual project. “After our presentation, Pierre-Alain Rogel, who’s responsible for the Start Up specialisation at MBS, Zacharie Stokes, the lecturer we had for this hands-on case, and all our classmates told us how excited they were about the plan. So we were still at school when we started to move forwards with our project, particularly with the help of MBS’s Entrepreneur J programme and our coach Arthur Philbé, who we’d like to thank here today,” added Victor.

After testing out the product in over 45 French households by last November, Kevin and Victor decided to take it one step further. “After the success of these test runs, we drew up our business plan, applying everything we’d learned at school. We found suppliers, designed the complete kit, created the e-commerce site, launched our social networks, uploaded presentation videos and finally started to market the product in early March. So the hand shower is for sale on our site, but also on platforms like eBay, Cdiscount and Amazon. To make a long story short, we know it’s still early, but we’ve seen the future and it’s our hand shower!”

To discover their WC VIVO hand shower, check out the video: