Now doing an apprenticeship at SIEMENS, Abby-Gaël took the Initial Dual Training 2 (FIA) entrance exams to study at MBS


At 22, after studying for a technical degree (DUT) and then a degree in Economics & Management, Abby-Gaël chose MBS’s Master Grande Ecole programme, entering through the specific second-year Initial Dual Training entrance exam. Now a Business Development & Marketing apprentice at SIEMENS France, she looks back on her academic career.

“I made the choice after secondary school to focus on a very hands-on course. Purely theoretical learning didn’t interest me. After my DUT, I did an apprenticeship degree in Commercial Support at L’Oréal, which is also a major partner of MBS. Maybe it was a sign!” said Abby-Gaël.

“After that, studying at a business school was the best choice for me to get into the careers I wanted in sales and marketing. That’s often the profile businesses are looking for. It’s also a way to rub shoulders with representatives of major companies through the events they hold on campus and their occasional involvement in courses. For me, MBS was the school that offered the best programme and the best apprenticeship structure. I also knew that a number of former students are now in roles I’d like to have, once I’ve finished my studies. So that just confirmed my choice.”

Through her classmates, Abby-Gaël heard about the MBS entrance exams reserved for Bac+3 or Bac+4 holders with at least one year validated through apprenticeship, which keeps her out of competition with candidates for the Passerelle entrance exams. “Being able to apply through an entrance exam specifically created for our profile is really a great opportunity. The challenges apprenticeship students face — such as lack of time — are taken into account, which means tests are adapted. Today, I’m proud of my background as an apprenticeship student and proud to represent MBS, the only school that proves that it really values the apprenticeship option.”

By joining SIEMENS — nine-time winner of the “Top Employers France” award — for a two-year stint, Abby-Gaël moved to an entirely different industry, switching from cosmetics to high technology. “As they say at MBS, opt for diversity! I decided to make my job experiences as diverse as possible. After L’Oréal, I wanted to stay in a big company, but switch sectors. I think that to grow in business, you have to develop your “chameleon” potential. At SIEMENS, I concentrate on marketing projects rather than sales ones, which has enabled me to grasp the challenges of both these aspects of commerce,” she explained.

As a Business Development & Marketing apprentice, Abby-Gaël works with product managers and sales specialists, as well as her manager, to guide an activity through analyses and on to marketing, project management and product launch. “It’s a very stimulating environment. On top of these business development skills, I’m learning all about the more technical skills and sector-specific knowledge, which might be of real added value in future positions.”

“I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank all the managers who put their trust in me, particularly Patrick Brassier, my current manager to whom I’m very grateful, not only for helping me and listening to me, but for imparting his knowledge throughout my apprenticeship.”